Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015

Selected features and interviews, plus coverage from several Olympics: Features Dec. 1, 2015: US college sports are a factory for Olympic medalists – but for how much longer? (The Guardian) Nov. 7, 2015: Speed skating: can the US team shine after the failure of Sochi? (The Guardian) Aug. 30, 2015: Why Serena Williams, not Ronda Rousey, isContinue reading “Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015”

I’m back – what’d I miss?

My hand is out of a splint after three weeks, though my typing speed is still diminished by a bit of tape on my two still-aching fingers. I may need to put my goalkeeping career on hold for a while. I’m also relatively not sick. I have no idea how I’ve had waves of sinusContinue reading “I’m back – what’d I miss?”

Monday Myriad, June 9: Horse-athlon

Heading into the weekend, I cast some doubt on the hype for the modern pentathlon World Cup final, which included the peculiar boast that it was expected to draw a U.S. audience of 25 million on NBC Universal. I couldn’t even find actual broadcast info after checking several sources. Then I suggested the following: TheContinue reading “Monday Myriad, June 9: Horse-athlon”

Monday Myriad, April 7: Pentathlon power

We’re in a lull between winter and summer sports, which means this is a good time to tell you there will be no Monday Myriad next week. It’s also a good time to remind you that Margaux Isaksen is really good at modern pentathlon. And Twitter. "I think we risk becoming the best-informed society thatContinue reading “Monday Myriad, April 7: Pentathlon power”

How modern pentathlon stayed in the Olympics (attn wrestling)

In elementary school, I used to wander into the Coliseum at the University of Georgia to watch wrestling. When UGA cut the varsity wrestling program, I drafted a complaint letter and had my classmates sign it. That letter was reprinted in a local weekly. (In retrospect, that may have been my first published work.) InContinue reading “How modern pentathlon stayed in the Olympics (attn wrestling)”

Wrestling’s biggest fight: Getting back in the Games

Modern pentathlon seemed to be the likeliest sport to be eliminated from the Olympic program. Then perhaps taekwondo. Maybe an outside chance of one of the Asian-dominated net sports, badminton and table tennis. Wrestling? If you saw that coming, consider taking your psychic talents to Wall Street or Vegas. “A surprise decision,” says the AP.Continue reading “Wrestling’s biggest fight: Getting back in the Games”

Save modern pentathlon

The Winter Olympics are taking on an X Games feel. Even the older sports are modernizing — biathlon has caught on with TV-friendly pursuit and mass start competition, and luge has added a cool relay event. The Summer Games don’t have as much room to grow, and IOC President Jacques Rogge has been in moreContinue reading “Save modern pentathlon”

2012 medal projection update: Modern pentathlon and triathlon

Holding a world championship in an Olympic year always seems a little redundant. And we really don’t know if we can peg someone a favorite for being in peak form in the Big Show a couple of months before the Really Big Show. That’s the case in modern pentathlon, but in addition to the 2012Continue reading “2012 medal projection update: Modern pentathlon and triathlon”

2012 pentathlon/triathlon: Modern times

Modern pentathlon and triathlon have a few things in common — running, swimming and the inevitability of being lumped together when people like me are doing sport-by-sport breakdowns. Aside from that, they aren’t too similar. Triathlon has become the trendy way for people to show how fit they are. If you know anyone who hasContinue reading “2012 pentathlon/triathlon: Modern times”

Friday Myriad: French finals, final Cup tune-ups

One side effect of the World Cup: These are the last MLS weekend games until June 25. They’ll play a few midweek games June 9-10, then break. This is an eclectic weekend. How often do you see beach volleyball on two channels? College rugby on a major network? If you’re an MMA fan, this isContinue reading “Friday Myriad: French finals, final Cup tune-ups”