Monday Myriad, April 7: Pentathlon power

We’re in a lull between winter and summer sports, which means this is a good time to tell you there will be no Monday Myriad next week.

It’s also a good time to remind you that Margaux Isaksen is really good at modern pentathlon. And Twitter.

Not bad considering she was jet-lagged and had this just a couple of hours earlier.

Despite all that, Isaksen remained in contention throughout the fencing, swimming and riding phases of the pentathlon, then stuck around in the running/shooting phase despite missing 10 shots at the first shoot. (Athletes have to hit five shots to before running again.) She finished fourth overall.

Other best and worst of the week:

Best shot by a guy in funky pants: Norway’s men won the world curling title. This helped:

The U.S. men finished 10th.

Best non-women’s basketball performance by a Notre Dame athlete: Fencer Lee Kiefer won the women’s foil junior world championship.

Best look at the bright side:

Worst controversy: Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. Can you all keep your oars to yourselves?

And we’ll leave it at that (plus the TeamUSA roundup). Might be the shortest Monday Myriad of the year. Wait until track and field season.

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