2012: The Year That Saved Women’s Soccer

“I believe that if I did not compete in the WPSL Elite that year, I would have moved on from football.”

In 2012, after the collapse of WPS, professional women’s soccer in the USA was barely alive. But a few ambitious clubs, including a couple that were at least nominally professional, kept going. They kept fans engaged. They solidified or rebuilt the foundations upon which the next pro league, the NWSL, could be built. Best of all, they kept players playing.

This book is the story of that summer told by 35 of the people who experienced it on the sidelines and on the field. Hopefully, the people trying to keep women’s soccer alive in 2020 will be as successful as the people who did it eight years ago.

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Game descriptions and sources for those games are posted on the Ranting Soccer Dad blog.

Why the U.S. Men Will Never Win the World Cup

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Why can’t the U.S. men win it all? Or at least more consistently?

Because we’re way behind. And we’re behind because we’ve long been devoted to “American” things. And we can’t agree on anything, and then we sue each other. (We surely lead the world in soccer lawyers by now.)

And until we face up to those realities, we’ll never make progress. We certainly won’t have any fun.

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