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Growing up, I found music more interesting than sports.

I devoured every issue of Rolling Stone and Musician in between sessions at the piano or on my guitar. My classic rock sensibilities followed me through my classical music studies as a music (and philosophy) major at Duke, where I interviewed guitar legend Richard Thompson (page 18) and a host of jazz luminaries (page 3 — and yes, Clint Eastwood was there). I wrote about my percussionist days, and I still harbor dreams of being a bass player in a semi-progressive rock band.

So I have plenty of music posts at my personal blog, Mostly Modern Media. You’ll also find some fun reads on television and comedy. My friends at the entertainment site Popdose also let me write.

I’ve also had some brutally honest reflections on my occupation, journalism, starting in 2000 with my grad-school projectThe Changing Face of News in the Information Age. I warned of journalists sacrificing accuracy and context to be “first” with the news, and I worried that readers would personalize their information to the point of ignoring everything that doesn’t fit their world view. I hate being right.

And I’m not just a sports-and-rock guy pontificating about journalism. I spent much of my career on news desks. At Duke, I covered the sentencing of the “bogus baron” and wrote opinion pieces on letter grades and academicese. At Ozy, a couple of decades later, I wrote about Millennials spurning small towns in a piece that was picked up at NPR.

But the biggest non-sports piece I’ve ever written was a Guardian piece on the revival of Flat Earth theory. Written in 2016, not 1716.

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  • Things I used to be good at: Timpani
    I have no idea why my percussion teacher had such faith in a relative beginner at Duke, but I wound up playing Elliott Carter’s March at my senior recital after only two years of instruction. I did not, however, play it as fast as this guy, who’s impressive but omits the fun switches from the … Continue reading Things I used to be good at: Timpani →
  • Need insulin? Visit the land of curling … and one heroic medical researcher
    Things I did not know: An Ontario scientist named Frederick Banting sold the patent rights to insulin, the life-saving drug for diabetics, for $1. “Insulin does not belong to me, it belongs to the world,” said the Nobel Prize winner. A century later, Canada is once again bailing out diabetics — this time because of … Continue reading Need insulin? Visit the land of curling … and one heroic medical researcher →
  • Why we’re not impeaching now …
    The Republicans can’t turn against Trump the way they turned against Nixon because they see him as their best chance to maintain power so they can keep pressing their traditional Republican values. Like free trade … oh, wait … Like reining in deficit spending … oops … Like using the bully pulpit to encourage moral- … Continue reading Why we’re not impeaching now … →
  • Sex on the big screen — no, not Game of Thrones on your 65-inch HD in the basement
    Murder! Guns! Graphic war scenes! A man tenderly running his hand … Whoa, whoa! We can’t let our kids see that! Our sensibilities about sex and violence have always been a bit hypocritical. Jamie Lee Curtis taking off her top in Trading Places? That’s an R rating. A film strewn with death? Today, PG-13. In … Continue reading Sex on the big screen — no, not Game of Thrones on your 65-inch HD in the basement →
  • One way to see Ireland …
    (Allow time for this to load. Lots of photos.) About 6.5 million people live in Ireland and Northern Ireland combined. Roughly 10 million have left since 1800, the University of Cork’s emigration site tells us. After visiting for the second time, I have a question: Why did they ever leave? OK, yes, Ireland has had … Continue reading One way to see Ireland … →
  • Maybe time to start cataloging immigration nonsense?
    I keep bookmarks on all sorts of things, from clips of my writing to a catalog of what’s going wrong in this country. On this site, I’ve put a couple of categories from those bookmarks in one handy place — see the bullshit and climate change pages. I’m thinking it might be time for an … Continue reading Maybe time to start cataloging immigration nonsense? →
  • Things to remember about the Cohen testimony that the “liberal media” haven’t emphasized enough
    Yesterday, a man who is going to jail for doing the dirty work for the president of the United States produced documents for and gave many new leads to a Congressional committee that’s trying to get to the bottom of the president’s many misdeeds. Many in the “liberal media” missed the point, echoing what happened … Continue reading Things to remember about the Cohen testimony that the “liberal media” haven’t emphasized enough →
  • My college courses, if I could do it all over
    Duke was a great experience for me … apart from the classes. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. I had some great teachers, but I had a lot of lousy ones. The academic advising wasn’t great except within the music department, from which I think I could have had many recommendations for grad school had I … Continue reading My college courses, if I could do it all over →
  • We’ve listened to you. Please listen to us. (Part 1)
    Let’s say at the outset — “we” and “us” are general terms. And no matter what the media (yeah, I’m part of it) try to shove down your throats, we’re not “polarized.” Things are much more complicated than that. ♦♦ We have evangelicals who are concerned about climate change, no matter how many evangelical preachers … Continue reading We’ve listened to you. Please listen to us. (Part 1) →
  • My Springfield …
    I’ve been playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out phone game for a few years now. The game is running out of a steam a bit because they’re running out of characters, but it’s still fun to build and re-shape Springfield. Today, they unveiled a new feature letting you see your entire Springfield at once. Here’s mine … A … Continue reading My Springfield … →

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