Prep for NWSL season 2 with NWSL season 1

With the second NWSL season starting this weekend, it’s time for a reminder about the book I wrote on the first season of the Washington Spirt.

spirit-cover-smallEnduring Spirit: Restoring Professional Women’s Soccer to Washington tells the story of a team keeping it together through a stressful season. They didn’t win a lot. They had plenty of injuries. People lost jobs.

I went to a lot of their practices, went on one and a half road trips, and saw one team meeting. That gave me a chance to flesh out the team beyond the epic winless streak. I saw their sense of humor and their determination. I can no longer watch basketball without hearing goalkeeper coach Lloyd Yaxley asking why anyone would invent such a noisy sport.

A couple of excerpts are available here: one from the road trip, one from the team’s preparation for Game 1. (That was one of the few times I was able to see them working on tactics.) I also ran through a quick list of what you’ll learn from the first couple of chapters.

You can get the book just about any way you like:

On that note, SportsMyriad is going on spring break. See you in a week or so.

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The guy who wrote a bunch of soccer books and now runs a Gen X-themed podcast while substitute teaching and continuing to write freelance stuff.

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