U.S. men win curling gold — how it happened

If you’re a little tired of curling coverage that tries way too hard to explain the sport without telling you anything that’s actually happening on the ice, this post is for you. This is what happened. If you don’t know the terminology, figure it out. It’s not that hard. Also, my local curling club hasContinue reading “U.S. men win curling gold — how it happened”

UPDATED — USA in Pyeongchang: How bad is it?

Updates are in italic. Things have taken an upturn. We’re at the middle Sunday of the 2018 Olympics, and the USA has … 10 medals. The Netherlands have 13, perhaps an advantage of picking one sport and getting really, really good at it. They only have four athletes at the Olympics who aren’t speedskaters. CanadaContinue reading “UPDATED — USA in Pyeongchang: How bad is it?”

2018 Winter Olympics: A concise viewing guide with stars, medals and flags

Each day during the Olympics, I’ll be telling you what to watch and making a few predictions. You can also find my daily previews at Bleacher Report. Time difference and schedule/streaming options: The Pyeongchang schedule is … Eight hours ahead of a lot of Europe (Eurosport) Nine hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (BBC) 14 hours aheadContinue reading “2018 Winter Olympics: A concise viewing guide with stars, medals and flags”

Curling: Huge win for U.S. Olympic hopeful

Yes, it’s already curling season. In fact, we’re less than two months away from the Olympic Trials, set for Nov. 11-18. Curling isn’t the most predictable sport in the world, but the four-team (or five, pending an appeal by Todd Birr) men’s competition has a clear favorite. John Shuster has been the skip in the lastContinue reading “Curling: Huge win for U.S. Olympic hopeful”

Presenting the Perpetual Medal Count

How are each country’s Olympic athletes trending in World Championship and other competition? Glad you asked. As it stands now, U.S. athletes are doing quite well, tracking a good bit ahead of how they finished in Rio 2016. So are Russian, Australian, Chinese and French athletes. British athletes, on the other hand, are falling rapidly.Continue reading “Presenting the Perpetual Medal Count”

What I’m watching: July 21-31

Friday, July 21 6:10 a.m.: Water polo, men’s Worlds, USA-Russia, NBC Sports online 11:45 a.m.: Women’s Euro 2017, Sweden-Russia, ESPN3 2 p.m.: Track and field, Diamond League Monaco, NBCSN 2:30 p.m.: Women’s Euro 2017, Germany-Italy, ESPN3 11:30 p.m.: Australian rules football, Essendon-North Melbourne, FS2 Saturday, July 22 7:30 a.m.: Tour de France, time trial, NBCSNContinue reading “What I’m watching: July 21-31”

USA Hockey vs. U.S. Soccer: Quick comparison

With the U.S. women’s hockey team (and possibly the men’s team as well) on the verge of striking through the World Championships, this seems like a good time to compare USA Hockey to U.S. Soccer. Which … isn’t easy. You can compare each organization’s Form 990s, as I’ve done in the chart below, but oneContinue reading “USA Hockey vs. U.S. Soccer: Quick comparison”

News for soccer and Oly fans (including NWSL) trying to cut the cord

Earlier this month, the A+E networks — including new NWSL home Lifetime — joined the beta test for Hulu’s live TV service. The big news today is the addition of NBC cable networks, though not NBC itself. The stories don’t specifically mention NBC Sports Network, because a lot of people who write about TV don’tContinue reading “News for soccer and Oly fans (including NWSL) trying to cut the cord”

Curling crowd getting too loud

The easy joke here would be that having more crowd noise would be infinitely preferable to hearing “HARRRRRRRDDDD!!!!” all the time. (Seriously — broadcasters should consider putting a decibel limit on their on-ice microphones, or just mute them when they’re not talking strategy. Some of us are listening on headphones to avoid irritating the restContinue reading “Curling crowd getting too loud”

Belated U.S. Curling championship preview

The U.S. Curling Championships are underway, and though I neglected to do a preview (in part because I was curling myself on Saturday — literally, in one case I think I threw myself farther down the ice than the rock), it’s actually a good time to look at the stats coming into the tournament andContinue reading “Belated U.S. Curling championship preview”