News for soccer and Oly fans (including NWSL) trying to cut the cord

Earlier this month, the A+E networks — including new NWSL home Lifetime — joined the beta test for Hulu’s live TV service.

The big news today is the addition of NBC cable networks, though not NBC itself. The stories don’t specifically mention NBC Sports Network, because a lot of people who write about TV don’t watch sports, which I’ve always found odd. (Seriously — several of the stories make a big deal about Comedy Central, which most of us are watching on YouTube these days, and they don’t go into detail about actual live programming that we might want to watch as it’s happening. Even Awful Announcing talks about missing out on NBC and Comedy Central without mentioning NBC Sports Network, haven for diverse sports such as the Premier League, NASCAR and bidding on cars.)

YouTube already has a few sports networks for its planned launch.

The most comprehensive chart comparing the existing streaming services (Sling, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now) is at CNET. Then check Business Insider for some good details focusing on sports and adding Hulu and YouTube.

For the handful of networks that appeal most to soccer and Olympic sports fans, I’ve taken a table-maker for a test drive here:

[attc id=4]


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