Twitter highlights: Eight venues in one day

One day in Beijing, I hit eight venues in one day, Twittering and taking photos along the way. I got the photos uploaded through the day and provided most of the info for a graphic.

To see the Twitter feed without making people dig all the way back, here’s an unedited re-creation (as opposed to “unedited recreation,” which sounds like fun):

Good night. Fun day, but I’ll be laying low in the morning. Thanks for following me through Beijing.
Last bus ride of the day at last. Everything from today’s odyssey is filed.
The full collection of photos from today: … leaving now for the MPC to gather my wits to wrap it all up.
New Zealand fans … I mean, reporters … cheer their guy to third in the 1,500.
Estoniam discus champ Gerd Kanter knows how to draw attention to his lap of honor. He veers toward the middle and sprints the 100 meters
It’s a gold medal for fellow American Dawn Harper, who sheds tears of joy.
Terrible stuff here — leader Lolo Jones hits the next-to-last hurdle. She finishes but is thrown off stride. She pounds the track in agony
A frustrated Sanya Richards gives out of gas in the 400 final. Prepare for more exultation over at the BBC.
@JohnNewsom Nah, they only have synchronized marbles.
From Bird’s Nest: (1) Cool remote-control cars bring discus back to cage. (2) Starting gun way louder than shooting venue. (3) Wariner fast.
EVENT 8: Track and field. Made it!
Music at exit sounds like a carousel. With all the light shows here, it’s very much like a theme park. Bet you can guess my next stop.
Lu nailed it. Easy to see how good he is. Crowd erupts for the score. That’s a gold — all three medalists were amazing. Off I go …
Crowd roars for Dong, who seemed flawless to me as well but is 0.1 behind Burnett. Last guy is Lu Chunlong. Gai-yo! Gai-yo!
Canadian guy (Jason Burnett) leads after six athletes and has clinched a medal, so maybe I could be a judge. China’s Dong Dong up now
I’m no judge, but the Canadian guy was amazing. I’d watch that again.
So anyway — trampoline. I doubt TV does this justice. They ought to play “Purple Haze” here. ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky.
The question of every press tribune — is that MY water, or did someone leave it? Grumpy German journo left her phone … ring ring ring
It’s a pity I’m not in a position to take a picture right now. The venue is palatial. I’ll have to come back for handball finals.
VENUE 7: Trampoline! Tra-momp-o-line! With a little bit of gymnastics thrown in — got here to see horizontal bar medals (USA Horton silver)
Quick bus ride. Grabbed a snack and walked to …
Panic – thought I’d lost iPod with my interviews. Nope – just my marbles.
Canada was aiming for top 8, and Short was disappointed in team’s play despite win. Yet 9th would be an improvement. I’m on bus – #7 awaits
Spoke with Canadian captain Rob Short, who plays pro (but has side jobs) in the Netherlands. Sport is growing for women but men, he says.
Game is a little testy. South African player sent off, and another could’ve been.
Switched fields to Canada-South Africa. Neither team will be in the medals, but it’s a fun game. Four Canadians play pro in the Netherlands
Korean player is hurt. But he’ll stay in the game … he’s a hockey player.
Korea’s defenders are warming up by passing the ball back and forth. Oh, wait, the game has actually started.
VENUE 6: Hockey. Nothing like a good scenic tour of the Olympic Green’s north cluster before we arrive. I’ve apparently chose Korea-Spain
Why did this guy need to stop at the tennis venue? The rest of us are going to an actual, active venue …
On the move again as thin clouds block the sun. Should be at venue #6 within 20 mins.
Photos from the first five venues on the tour today:
Smoothest bus ride of the day. I’m grabbing lunch/dinner.
Water polo mixed zone for newbies: “They fouled you all game!” “Some teams play D that way.” “But all game?!” “Sometimes.” “No way!” “Way.”
Big goal from Brenda Villa makes it 9-8. Now we have a bunch of timeouts, like an NBA game.
US women, perhaps worn down by Aussies’ persistent fouls, have gone cold. Now 8-8
This isn’t the Bird’s Nest, but we have a bird somewhere up in the rafters of Yingdong Natatorium. Trying to get photo, but he’s hiding.
VENUE 5: Water polo. Second U.S. semifinal I’ve seen today, though I’m here just in time to see the last 1.5 quarters. USA leads AUS 8-5.
Take Duke’s Cameron Crazies or a soccer supporters group, give them Hungarian flags, and you might equal what I’m hearing here at handball
VENUE 4: Handball. We can dispense with the “team” part of the name, right? Everyone knows what we’re talking about?
Dan Steinberg sighting – he’s going with the mustache-only look today. Playoff beard is gone. On another bus that really shouldn’t be long.
Estimated travel time on this bus: 19 mins. After 19 mins, we haven’t even started the sequence of befuddling turns through the Green.
Besides, as an American, he can play in Olympics at age 45. He offered dinner to anyone who can find a Chinese player who can say that.
David Zhuang grew up in China and found support drying up as he started to move to US: “But I have no regret. I have good life here (in US)”
Unfortunately, this will be a brief stop. Chinese agencies took most tables, but the seats are nice. Peking U’s gym must rock for hoops.
VENUE 3: Table tennis. Arrived just in time to join great interview with USA’s David Zhuang and columnist Mitch Albom.
On a serious fast-food strip here – a Pizza Hut and two KFCs. Now McDonald’s. Long light – I should’ve stayed on Green.
Suggestion for future Olympic organizers: Fewer left turns
On a bus with some Korean potato chips. And people say I’m not an adventurous eater.
Nice English woman from Oly News Service gave honest answer on interview after semis: “No, I don’t think so.” Right … Off I go …
Seeing diving in person makes you appreciate commentary. No idea if these dives are any good.
USA’s Dumais fifth two-thirds of the way through semi. Music here is more eclectic than beach. Heard “Dancing Queen” after one bad dive
VENUE 2 – diving. Made it to round 4 of 6. Would probably drip less sweat if I’d walked for round 5 instead of jogging.
Pumped up for fast walk ahead with Foo Fighters. Done, done, on to the next one. Feet don’t fail me now, er, whenever bus stops. Urgh.
“Do not drive tiredly” is latest sign of interest. Missed bus to hockey, which was a tight connection. Plan B in effect.
“Most of the time, it’s very convenient,” says friendly volunteer du bus. “Not like this.” We’re free at last – will consider next step
Oh dear. Traffic simply isn’t moving. It’s been progressively worse through the Games. Plans B and C under consideration.
But here’s Brazil’s Renata on anyone beating USA: “No, I don’t think so. For sure, I think nobody going to beat them.” Bus away …
Mixed zone order – NBC, other broadcasters, more broadcasters, wires, others. So I have no Misty/Kerri quote.
Kerri and Misty win – will try to get quote before leaving. They’ll play a Chinese team in final.
Fans blowing cooling vapor over crowd. Not helpng big shirtless guy doing TV commentary.
Crowd still filing in, perhaps to catch all-Chinese clash after this. I’ll miss that — I’ll be at … hmmm … haven’t decided.
Brazilians played better after a big rally, but Misty and Kerri close out Game 1 21-12. They do not play the Rush song 2112 to celebrate.
Misty and Kerri look good early. That means they’re playing well. Good thing the sex-obsessed media weren’t around when Greeks wrestled nude
I should explain – I watch beach volleyball as a sport, not just as a couple of bikini-clad women in sand. As if runners run in formal dress
Kerri and Misty have beaten this Brazilian team all four times they’ve met, but they aren’t pushovers.
VENUE 1 – beach volleyball. Took the MB11 to see May-Treanor and Walsh play. Arriving now.
If you check a schedule, it’s not hard to figure where I’m going first.
Longest ride of day early, giving me time to reconsider plan.
Arrival at Main Press Center. Time for breakfast? Maybe
If you read Dan Steinberg’s blog at the Post – yes, I’m the one who asked if they really listen to Bryan Adams and win soccer games. Shocked
Sky is mostly clear, and I’m showing few ill effects from staying up until 3 to write about the US women’s soccer win.
@bbcsport_tom Enjoy. It’s a beautiful venue.
Away we go … I’m on the MA29 bus at the North Star media village. I snagged one of the few seats in which a 6-1 man can sit. Next stop MPC

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