Sochi recap: Curling, men’s gold medal game

Canada’s Olympic victory was never in doubt, as the curling-mad country swept men’s and women’s gold for the first time.

Date: 21-Feb

Sport: Curling

Event: Men’s gold medal game, Canada vs. Britain

Medalists: Canada, Britain, Sweden

SportsMyriad projections: Canada, Sweden, Britain

What happened: Canada jumped out in front early. Brad Jacobs’ team got a lot of rocks in play in the first end, and David Murdoch needed to take out two of them just to limit the damage. Jacobs scored two with the hammer.

Murdoch had a chance to tie in the second with a takeout, but his rock rolled as well, holding Britain to one.

It got worse. Canada again got a lot of rocks in play in the third, and British vice-skip Greg Drummond got his own rocks out of the house instead of Canada’s. Drummond rebounded to remove three of Canada’s five rocks with his next shot, but Murdoch was powerless to prevent Canada from scoring three for a 5-1 lead.

Murdoch had a tough shot for two in the fourth. He missed. A measurement confirmed a steal of one for Canada and a 6-1 score.

Canada piled on, getting some rocks in the front of the house to limit Britain to one in the fifth. A couple of botched British shots early in the sixth end left Canada in good shape to score two once again and lead 8-2.

Britain needed a big end. The seventh end wasn’t it. Murdoch had a shot for two but could only get one, trailing 8-3 without the hammer.

Murdoch managed to create some chaos in the house in the eighth end, but Jacobs cleared it out, and when Jacobs completed a takeout for a 9-3 lead, Murdoch conceded.

Full results | Recaps with diagrams

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