Sochi recap: Curling, men’s gold medal game

Canada’s Olympic victory was never in doubt, as the curling-mad country swept men’s and women’s gold for the first time. Date: 21-Feb Sport: Curling Event: Men’s gold medal game, Canada vs. Britain Medalists: Canada, Britain, Sweden SportsMyriad projections: Canada, Sweden, Britain What happened: Canada jumped out in front early. Brad Jacobs’ team got a lot of rocks in play in the first end, and David Murdoch needed to take out two of them just to limit the damage. Jacobs scored two with the hammer. Murdoch had a chance to tie in the second with a takeout, but his rock rolled as well, holding Britain to one. … Continue reading Sochi recap: Curling, men’s gold medal game

Sochi recap: Curling, women’s gold medal game

The women’s curling Olympic title has returned to Canada at last. The teams weren’t the same as the 2010 final, when Sweden rallied on Canada’s gruesome errors to win gold, and neither was the result. Jennifer Jones and company wrapped up a perfect sweep through the Games. Date: 20-Feb Sport: Curling Event: Women’s gold medal game, Sweden vs. Canada Medalists: Canada, Sweden, Britain SportsMyriad projections: Sweden, Britain, Canada What happened: Jennifer Jones, perfect so far in these Games, looked a little uncertain in the first end. She had the hammer and needed a takeout to score one and prevent a score … Continue reading Sochi recap: Curling, women’s gold medal game

Best/worst, Sochi medal projections vs. reality: Feb. 17

Where, exactly, did Canada get the impression we’re out to get them? I’ll admit my bias up front — my life has been immeasurably enriched by many Canadians. I grew up listening to Rush. Now, I also listen to semi-Canadian band Metric. I love hockey and curling. I watched Kids in the Hall, and my beloved Saturday Night Live owes an immense debt to the comic sensibilities of those north of the border. I’m probably not alone. Many people in the USA joke that they’ll move to Canada one day, either through the ravages of electoral politics or climate change. Some aren’t joking. … Continue reading Best/worst, Sochi medal projections vs. reality: Feb. 17

Sochi recap: Men’s ice hockey, Canada-Austria

Let’s see — the country in which hockey is a way of life, or the team with only three NHL players on the roster? Who are you picking? Date: 14-Feb Sport: Men’s hockey Event: Canada vs. Austria Score: Canada 6, Austria 0 What happened: Drew Doughty and Shea Weber scored at roughly the 5- and 10-minute marks to stake Canada to a 2-0 lead after one. Canada’s Jeff Carter took a tripping penalty just 29 seconds into the second period, then came out of the box and scored within 10 seconds. Then scored again 90 minutes later. Then again later in … Continue reading Sochi recap: Men’s ice hockey, Canada-Austria

Sochi recap: Curling, day 1

The U.S. teams had a rough start and the Russian fans partied and squealed as if Justin Bieber was throwing the rocks as curling finally got underway in the 2014 Olympics. Date: 10-Feb Sport: Curling Event: Day 1 of group play, men’s (two sessions) and women’s (one) How U.S. fared: The men had a bye in the morning session, then fell in a deep hole early against Norway. John Shuster was visibly and audibly annoyed with his last shot in the third end (out of 10), which gave Norway an opening to shoot for three and a 5-1 lead. Shuster … Continue reading Sochi recap: Curling, day 1

Drawing a line in the stands: Leroux, Day 2

Yesterday’s Sydney Leroux saga had a few predictable outcomes. Late in the day, we heard Leroux wasn’t specifically talking about the game in Toronto on Sunday — in fact, she says the atmosphere there was great! “A positive step forward for women’s soccer,” even. Of course, by then, it was too late for the Toronto crowd. Many of the mainstream media stories on the web have been updated with Leroux’s clarification — she was talking about an older game in Vancouver, plus Twitter — but a lot of headlines still reflect what her tweet implied: The crowd in Toronto was … Continue reading Drawing a line in the stands: Leroux, Day 2