Promotion/relegation propaganda/reality, Part 3: U.S. Soccer

There’s no organization in the world quite like U.S. Soccer. That’s not a compliment. That’s not an insult. It just … is. U.S. Soccer is unique among major U.S. sports federations in that its mandate goes beyond organizing national teams and developmental programs. It’s responsible, by FIFA fiat, for regulating professional soccer competitions. (Or, inContinue reading “Promotion/relegation propaganda/reality, Part 3: U.S. Soccer”

Podcast: Ep 5 — Promotion/relegation with Peter Wilt

For more than a decade, promotion/relegation talk has been the bane of the U.S. soccer community’s existence. It wasn’t going to happen any time soon, and some people reacted to that news by harassing and slandering the people who explained the reasons why. But now? We have a former Chicago Fire president — Peter Wilt, who hasContinue reading “Podcast: Ep 5 — Promotion/relegation with Peter Wilt”

How the USA can do promotion and relegation better than England

BEAU: Riccardo Silva offered MLS $4 billion for media rights if it would institute promotion/relegation? And people like Jeff Carlisle have already done the heavy lifting in reporting what did and didn’t happen? Great! Time to do a quick opinion piece. BEAU’S CONSCIENCE: What are we, all clickbait now? You know that offer was justContinue reading “How the USA can do promotion and relegation better than England”

Division 2 soccer: Just get on with it!

Two months ago, would anyone have bet on the former Carolina Railhawks landing an NWSL team before the men’s team got out of divisional limbo? The news that the Western New York Flash will be moving to the Triangle (reported overnight by FourFourTwo, with follow-ups from local soccer-media veterans in Rochester and the Triangle) hasContinue reading “Division 2 soccer: Just get on with it!”

Yet another promotion/relegation idea you’ll all ignore

Imagine there’s no NASL. Imagine there’s no USL. The brand names and any baggage associated with them are gone. Instead, you have the U.S. Pro League. (OK, I’m not good at coming up with names, but I think it should be something generic, and “the Football League” is taken. Maybe just get the sponsor’s name:Continue reading “Yet another promotion/relegation idea you’ll all ignore”

Brazilian style (leagues) in the USA?

The United States is, in addition to all the things mentioned in my soccer culture post, a nation of tinkerers. We want to fix things or improve them. That’s not to say Europe is bereft of innovation — they’ve certainly done a better job of, say, integrating alternative power sources.  But when it comes to sports,Continue reading “Brazilian style (leagues) in the USA?”

U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history

Through May 23, 2014, lower-division teams have beaten MLS teams 66 times. (MLS teams have won 160.) And based on a whole lot of spreadsheets, we can declare one particular lower-division team the most accomplished team in the Open Cup. The PDL is 38-87 against non-MLS pro leagues. But other amateur leagues are less successfulContinue reading “U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history”

Major League Soccer’s minor-league tinkering

The rumblings are growing that MLS reserves and USL pros may soon share a league. NASN’s Jason Davis says it looks like we’ll see some this year (2013 — I’m changing the calendar now) and more in 2014, with some MLS reserve teams going into the USL’s pro league and other MLS teams working outContinue reading “Major League Soccer’s minor-league tinkering”

Women’s soccer, the new league and Hope Solo: Can’t we all just get along?

There’s three sides to every story — yours and mine and the cold, hard truth — Don Henley There’s blood in my mouth ’cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week — Rilo Kiley Jules: Yolanda, I thought you said you were gonna be cool. Now when you yell at me, it makes me nervous. And whenContinue reading “Women’s soccer, the new league and Hope Solo: Can’t we all just get along?”

You want U.S. Soccer involvement in elite women’s game? Here you go …

I don’t see the press release at yet, but there was a second announcement today in addition to Pia Sundhage’s roster for the Olympics. Here’s the key excerpt: Following the FIFA Women’s World Cups for the Under-17 and Under-20 age levels this coming fall, the head coaching positions for those teams will become full-timeContinue reading “You want U.S. Soccer involvement in elite women’s game? Here you go …”