The Big Promotion/Relegation Survey, 2017 edition

It’s easy to debate promotion and relegation when you have no money or livelihood at stake. What about those who run or coach teams up and down this weirdly constructed pyramid of U.S. leagues?

I’ve sent out a survey to the following:

  • All NASL teams
  • All independent USL teams (not MLS reserve teams)
  • NPSL: The easiest email addresses to find (about 10), then whichever teams I could find among those in the round of 16 of this year’s playoffs or in last place in their respective divisions. (Figured I’d try to get some of the top teams and some of the bottom.)
  • PDL: Playoff teams and last-place teams — if I could find contact info.
  • UPSL: The 13 easiest email addresses to find.

Then I went scrounging for email addresses from USASA Elite Leagues and a few others:

  • American Soccer League (ASL, East Coast)
  • American Premier Soccer League (APSL, Fla.)
  • Buffalo and District Soccer League (BDSL)
  • Cosmopolitan Soccer League (CSL, NY/NJ/Conn.)
  • Evergreen Premier League (EPL, Pacific NW)
  • Gulf Coast Premier League (GCPL)
  • Long Island Soccer Football League (LISFL)
  • Maryland Major Soccer League (MMSL)
  • Michigan Premier Soccer League (MPSL)
  • Premier League of America (PLA, Great Lakes)
  • Rochester and District Soccer League (RDSL)
  • San Francisco Soccer Football League (SFSFL)
  • SoCal Premier League
  • United Soccer League (USL, Pa.)
  • Washington Premier League (WSL, DC/Md./Va.)

If you’re in one of these leagues and didn’t get a survey, please get in touch, and I’ll send you one.

(I’m obviously not just going to throw open a link, because then the Twitter troll brigade will skew the results. A bit.)

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Beau Dure

The guy who wrote a bunch of soccer books and now runs a Gen X-themed podcast while substitute teaching and continuing to write freelance stuff.

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