Sochi recap: Short-track speedskating, women’s relay

South Korea won a thriller ahead of China, and then it didn’t really matter because China was disqualified anyway. That’s short track. In the early heats of two individual events, two Canadian favorites unfortunately crashed out, but the Canadian women took silver in the relay. Date: 18-Feb Sport: Short-track speedskating Event: Women’s relay, plus the first round of heats in the men’s 500 and women’s 1,000. Medalists: South Korea, Canada, Italy SportsMyriad projections: China, South Korea, Canada How U.S. fared: Didn’t qualify to bring a team to Sochi. Jessica Smith and Emily Scott advanced in the women’s 1,000, the latter … Continue reading Sochi recap: Short-track speedskating, women’s relay

Sochi recap: Short-track, men’s 1,000 meters

That’s Olympic short-track. Another good day to toss out that phrase, with two favorites down in the quarterfinals. And do you think South Korea regrets keeping Hyun-Soo Ahn out of the 2010 Olympics and letting him slip away to Russia as Viktor Ahn? Date: 15-Feb Sport: Short-track speedskating Event: Men’s 1,000 meters Medalists: Viktor Ahn (Russia), Vladimir Gregorev (Russia), Sjinkie Knegt (Netherlands) SportsMyriad projections: Charles Hamelin (Canada), Viktor Ahn (Russia), J.R. Celski (USA) How U.S. fared: All three went out in the quarterfinals. Chris Creveling was just a hair slower than the top two in his race. J.R. Celski simply tripped over one of … Continue reading Sochi recap: Short-track, men’s 1,000 meters

2014 medal projections: Short-track speedskating

Updated Jan. 21 with Wang Meng injury Short-track is a little less about times and more about who makes the last pass and remains upright. World Championships actually compile “overall” results that reward consistency. No such luck in the Olympics, so these predictions are bound to go wrong somewhere. We predictors can’t take it personally. The action is often controversial, with a lot of collisions and interference requiring refs to figure things out. And for the USA, it has been controversial off the ice. The World Cup runs in the fall, so as with long-track skating, we have a lot … Continue reading 2014 medal projections: Short-track speedskating

Monday Myriad: Ligety Ligety Ligety

Let’s rush out this wrapup before the power runs out: Alpine skiing: The time it takes you to read this sentence is Ted Ligety’s margin of victory (2.75 seconds) in the season-opening World Cup giant slalom on the big glacier in Solden, Austria, the traditional opener of the World Cup season in which fans celebrate the first snows of the Alps, putting away for a moment their concerns about the state of the climate and the European economy, which continues to be plagued by crippling debt in a few countries while Germany, a traditional power in winter sports, ponders the fate … Continue reading Monday Myriad: Ligety Ligety Ligety

Monday Myriad: Skating away on the thin ice of a new day

That’s a Jethro Tull reference. Would you prefer Avril Lavigne? Some skater boys did pretty well over the weekend. Short-track: A lot of world records fell over the weekend at the World Cup opener in Calgary, and J.R. Celski came up with one of the biggest, breaking the 40-second mark in the 500 meters. Celski also picked up a third-place finish, as did John-Henry Krueger, a discretionary pick for the World Cup squad who must have done some industrial smoothing to finish just behind Celski and Canadian favorite Charles Hamelin in the 500. Check out the 500-meter final (via DailyHouse): Canada’s … Continue reading Monday Myriad: Skating away on the thin ice of a new day

Season preview: Short-track speedskating

From the grace, artistry and predictability of figure skating, we turn to the wild world of short-track speedskating. Figure skating may be in the hands of the judges, but short-track skating is often in the hands of the refs, who have to determine whether skaters false-started, changed their lines, impeded each other or went all-out roller derby on each other. Does anyone envy that job? Storylines – New U.S. coaches and a split camp. Some skaters filed a claim of physical and emotional abuse against head coach Jae Su Chun and assistant Jun Hyung Yeo. Others disagreed. But while they … Continue reading Season preview: Short-track speedskating