Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015

Selected features and interviews, plus coverage from several Olympics: Features Dec. 1, 2015: US college sports are a factory for Olympic medalists – but for how much longer? (The Guardian) Nov. 7, 2015: Speed skating: can the US team shine after the failure of Sochi? (The Guardian) Aug. 30, 2015: Why Serena Williams, not Ronda Rousey, isContinue reading “Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015”

I’m back – what’d I miss?

My hand is out of a splint after three weeks, though my typing speed is still diminished by a bit of tape on my two still-aching fingers. I may need to put my goalkeeping career on hold for a while. I’m also relatively not sick. I have no idea how I’ve had waves of sinusContinue reading “I’m back – what’d I miss?”

Woly Award: Marti Malloy, judo

We’re not just invoking Ronda Rousey’s name for search traffic. Marti Malloy has a couple of similarities to the brash UFC champion — an Olympic judo medal among them. Now Malloy also has a gold medal from the first Grand Prix held on U.S. soil (Miami). She clinched the title with Rousey’s favorite technique, anContinue reading “Woly Award: Marti Malloy, judo”

2012 medal projection update: Judo

Quick aside to MMA fans: We’re probably not looking for the next Ronda Rousey here. Not many people are that good at landing the armbar and marketing themselves. But maybe the next Rick Hawn? Dude’s doing pretty well in Bellator. In any case, the USA has someone who can do even better than Rousey inContinue reading “2012 medal projection update: Judo”

2012 judo: No chops allowed

Sorry, Austin Powers fans, there is no such thing as a “judo chop.” Judo is a grappling sport, with throws, takedowns and submissions from chokes or armbars. So it’s still a viable component of mixed martial arts, and a few athletes have made the leap from Olympic competition to the cage. Karo Parisyan is theContinue reading “2012 judo: No chops allowed”