Woly Award: Marti Malloy, judo

We’re not just invoking Ronda Rousey’s name for search traffic. Marti Malloy has a couple of similarities to the brash UFC champion — an Olympic judo medal among them.

Now Malloy also has a gold medal from the first Grand Prix held on U.S. soil (Miami). She clinched the title with Rousey’s favorite technique, an armbar:

(Her fight starts around the 2:49 mark. If you’re really impatient, skip from there to the last 30 seconds of the bout.)

Malloy is this week’s winner of the Woly Award, which SportsMyriad gives to the top U.S. Olympic sports athlete of the week.

The rest of the week included:

Soccer: Most of the SportsMyriad readership is surely aware that the U.S. women beat South Korea 4-1, and that Abby Wambach scored her 156th career goal.

Volleyball: Two wins for the U.S. men over France in World League play, plus a Pan American Cup gold medal for the U.S. women.

BMX: Arielle Martin finished second in a World Cup stop, while Connor Fields and Alise Post medaled in the time trials.

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