2016 Tour de France meta-preview: Get off my lawn!

The first few days of the Tour are really about funny previews, the scenery and the dark art of peloton survival: The latter is important, because massive sprinter Peter Sagan thinks all these noobs are ruining things (VeloNews): Now in the group everybody is riding like they don’t care about their life — it’s unbelievable! …Continue reading “2016 Tour de France meta-preview: Get off my lawn!”

Monday Myriad, Feb. 25: Nordic gold! Nordic gold!

Headlines from myriad sports this week: – Sarah Hendrickson won the world championship in women’s ski jumping. – Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins won the world championship in cross-country skiing’s team sprint, the first skiing title for the USA in Nordic World Championship history. – The USA also won two world titles in the track cycling world championships. Not bad forContinue reading “Monday Myriad, Feb. 25: Nordic gold! Nordic gold!”

Top athletes? Tough to beat Paralympians for all seasons

Michael Phelps’ medal tally is impressive. But can he ski? Somewhere in our ranking of great athletes, we have to set aside a place for those who manage Olympic medals in two different sports. And beyond that, we have to have another place for those who win gold medals in winter and summer Games. That’sContinue reading “Top athletes? Tough to beat Paralympians for all seasons”

Lance Armstrong saga brings out the vitriol

Yoda-speak: Hate leads to anger, anger leads … to writing about Lance Armstrong. As with the opinion on Jon Jones v UFC, mainstream punditry seems to have shifted. Or maybe it just depends on what news organization you read. You’re read my take — either nuanced or wishy-washy, depending on how charitable you are. AndContinue reading “Lance Armstrong saga brings out the vitriol”