Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015

Selected features and interviews, plus coverage from several Olympics: Features Dec. 1, 2015: US college sports are a factory for Olympic medalists – but for how much longer? (The Guardian) Nov. 7, 2015: Speed skating: can the US team shine after the failure of Sochi? (The Guardian) Aug. 30, 2015: Why Serena Williams, not Ronda Rousey, isContinue reading “Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015”

Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s team

Japan’s Noriaki Kasai continued his dream Olympics at age 41, and Germany beat Austria by an average of about 8 inches per jump. Date: 17-Feb Sport: Ski jumping Event: Men’s team Medalists: Germany, Austria, Japan SportsMyriad projections: Austria, Germany, Slovenia How U.S. fared: The drawn-on mustaches were cool, especially on baby-faced lead jumper Peter Frenette,Continue reading “Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s team”

Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s large hill

The Olympic ski jumping venue was built with all sorts of wind-breaking measures in place, but there’s only so much we humans can do about the elements. So leave it to the veteran of veterans — seven-time Olympian Noriaki Kasai — to figure everything out and take the first individual Olympic medal of his careerContinue reading “Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s large hill”

Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s large hill qualifying

This round only cuts the field from 61 to 50, and the top 10 get a bye, anyway. The top 10 can take practice jumps, but the pressure’s on everyone else to take the remaining 40 spots. Date: 14-Feb Sport: Ski jumping Event: Men’s large hill qualifying How U.S. fared: Survive and advance is the name of theContinue reading “Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s large hill qualifying”

Sochi recap: Ski jumping, women’s

Thirty women made history and ignored the advice of patronizing men, demonstrating that they can compete in women’s ski jumping without crumbling into pieces or destroying civilization as we know it. Date: 11-Feb Sport: Ski jumping Event: Women’s normal hill (next time, can they also do team and large hill?) Medalists: Carina Vogt (Germany), Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (Austria), Coline Mattel (France)Continue reading “Sochi recap: Ski jumping, women’s”

Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s normal hill qualifying

Not much suspense in this one. The top 10 in the world get a bye, though they can jump for practice. Date: 8- Feb Sport: Ski jumping Event: Men’s normal hill, qualifying round How U.S. fared: Anders Johnson got through with ease, finishing 26th (reminder: the top 10 in the world didn’t jump for results). Peter Frenette was 35th.Continue reading “Sochi recap: Ski jumping, men’s normal hill qualifying”

2014 medal projections: Jan. 14 update

Time for a few tweaks given the results (and untimely injuries) of late — and when you add it all up, we have a new leader: Alpine skiing: Lindsey Vonn’s absence shakes things up a bit and pretty well insures the USA won’t come near its total of eight medals in 2010. Ted Ligety (third overall)Continue reading “2014 medal projections: Jan. 14 update”

2014 medal projections: Ski jumping

Updated Jan. 14 Finally, women have broken down the gender barrier that kept them from getting Olympic status for the times they fling themselves through the air and land on the snow. The USA fought for this event for a long time (another Olympic story I covered for some time). They’re also quite good atContinue reading “2014 medal projections: Ski jumping”

Monday Myriad, Feb. 25: Nordic gold! Nordic gold!

Headlines from myriad sports this week: – Sarah Hendrickson won the world championship in women’s ski jumping. – Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins won the world championship in cross-country skiing’s team sprint, the first skiing title for the USA in Nordic World Championship history. – The USA also won two world titles in the track cycling world championships. Not bad forContinue reading “Monday Myriad, Feb. 25: Nordic gold! Nordic gold!”

Myriad Questions for … Sarah Hendrickson, ski jumper

This is the first of a new series called Myriad Questions, in which we’ll try to ask athletes a few questions a little more candid than their official bios and a little less technical than the specialty sites. We’ll learn how athletes are just like us (school problems, travel issues, etc.) and not like usContinue reading “Myriad Questions for … Sarah Hendrickson, ski jumper”