Monday Myriad, Aug. 18: Hit!

A once-in-a-lifetime javelin throw, Usain Bolt’s beach activities and some winning U.S. teams are in this week’s highlights: So great to see diving on @sportscenter tonight! 10-meter national champ @DiverJordan featured as Star of the Night. — USA Diving (@USADiving) August 18, 2014 USA Women’s Water Polo Claims Second Straight FINA World Cup Title — Swimming World (@SwimmingWorld) August 17, 2014 Maria Sharapova showed her ruthless side after losing to Ana Ivanovic in Cincinnati –> — Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) August 17, 2014 RT @unlimited473: Usain Bolt in his first 2014 100m runs 10.06 wins 100m in Rio … Continue reading Monday Myriad, Aug. 18: Hit!

SportsMyriad podcast, the first: Lori Lindsey’s perseverance

Lori Lindsey’s retirement provoked a lot of good discussion. Would a young player coming through the ranks today stick around in amateur soccer to work her way into the national team? Who else makes that great through pass down the center? What a great time to experiment with podcasting! I’ve been thinking about podcasting for a while, and with my left hand in a splint that slows down my typing, it’s the perfect time. And it gives me a good excuse to put all the interviews from Lindsey’s home finale in one big audio file. I’m learning on the fly, … Continue reading SportsMyriad podcast, the first: Lori Lindsey’s perseverance

Spirit vs. Sky Blue: Farewell to Lori Lindsey

I’m not going to do a big recap of Sky Blue’s 1-0 win over Washington for the following reasons: 1. Western New York held Chicago to a draw in the later game, clinching a playoff spot for the Spirit despite the loss. (Former Spirit Reserves goalkeeper DiDi Haracic, essentially the Flash’s fourth-string keeper, got the start.) Sadly for Sky Blue, which counterattacked beautifully in this game and got solid defensive performances from Sophie Schmidt and Christie Rampone, that result knocks them out. 2. Spirit coach Mark Parsons summed up the team’s performance with elegant simplicity: “The occasion got to us … Continue reading Spirit vs. Sky Blue: Farewell to Lori Lindsey

MMA’s new Dark Ages

Why limit five-on-five to basketball? Why limit fighting to one-on-one? Most people could come up with a whole list of reasons, but that hasn’t stopped Team Fighting Championship from lining up five-man teams to do battle in the … well, it’s not a cage. It’s sort of a ring, but it’s basically a mat with some loose ropes and tires. The first question: Is it safe? In the interview linked above, the founder says yes. They have one ref for each pair of fighters, which certainly separates this from pro wrestling. The downside: It’s a format that encourages fighters to … Continue reading MMA’s new Dark Ages

One-handed Monday Myriad, Aug. 11: USA is not Greece

My poor goalkeeping form has left my left hand in a splint, so this will be a scaled-down Monday Myriad. The lead story this week: Ten years ago, Athens hosted the Olympics in venues that were doomed to rust. The lesson isn’t to avoid hosting the Games. The lesson: Don’t do it like Athens. The big events: USA Swimming championships, determining teams for the Pan Pacific meet AND next year’s World Championships. Yeah, that’s odd, but … The week: TOUR OF UTAH: Prettiest event in the USA? Tom Danielson Wins Tour of Utah; Cadel Evans Wins Final Stage #utah #procycling … Continue reading One-handed Monday Myriad, Aug. 11: USA is not Greece

Soccer as distraction and soccer as sanity

When I was little, I learned about war and sports at the same time. I browsed World Almanacs and other reference books and read statistics, my young brain not yet able to distinguish the gap in meaning between Hank Aaron’s 715th home run and the 140,000 people (give or take tens of thousands) killed when the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima. “Innocent” and “ignorant” are close cousins. “War annihilates innocence, and no war more than this one,” says Brian Phillips in this brilliant Grantland piece on World War I and soccer. In Phillips’ view, Europe was wholly unprepared for the brutality of the … Continue reading Soccer as distraction and soccer as sanity

USA Swimming championships, Day 2

The basic U.S. women’s plan for the foreseeable future: Katie Ledecky wins the distance races, Missy Franklin wins everything else. But hold on a minute. Ledecky met Franklin in the 200-meter freestyle Thursday at the U.S. nationals and won. By 1.24 seconds. So within U.S. swimming, we’re going to have a nice friendly rivalry, one that caught the attention of Alan Abrahamson and USA TODAY’s Nicole Auerbach, for a few years to come. Now we’ll see if they’re as quotable as Lochte and Phelps. Also Thursday — Franklin dominated the 200 backstroke as usual, and Lochte fell well short of … Continue reading USA Swimming championships, Day 2