One-handed Monday Myriad, Aug. 11: USA is not Greece

My poor goalkeeping form has left my left hand in a splint, so this will be a scaled-down Monday Myriad.

The lead story this week: Ten years ago, Athens hosted the Olympics in venues that were doomed to rust. The lesson isn’t to avoid hosting the Games. The lesson: Don’t do it like Athens.

The big events: USA Swimming championships, determining teams for the Pan Pacific meet AND next year’s World Championships. Yeah, that’s odd, but …

The week:

TOUR OF UTAH: Prettiest event in the USA?





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One thought on “One-handed Monday Myriad, Aug. 11: USA is not Greece”

  1. “Of course, the better model for Boston is probably Atlanta”

    Boston Magazine should go back 12 years earlier to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Those Games made $$$$$. Like the last previous Summer Olympics held in the United States, the 1932 Olympics also in Los Angeles that also made $$$$ in the depression year of 1932!!!.

    Los Angeles was the sole bidder for both of those games. Both times the rest of the world had given up on the Olympics for different reasons. Los Angeles didn’t.

    In 1984, Peter Ueberroth pretty much had everything his way. The only new venues built were an OUTDOOR velodrome that has since been demolished for construction of the StubHub Center (Home Field for the Los Angeles Galaxy), and an OUTDOOR Olympic Swimming Pool on the USC Campus that looks more like something for a campus rec center than for the Olympics.

    Things got out of control again after 1984, particularly after the Chinese started a bidding war for the 2000 Olympics.

    The IOC knows that when worse comes to worst they can always hold the Olympics in an American city where virtually all the required infrastructure is already in place.

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