Monday Myriad, March 31: Figure this

We’re in that lull with winter sports wrapping up and not many summer sports in full swing yet. Good news for those of us who want to follow our teams in college basketball … oh … hey, cricket’s on!

Best and worst of the week …

Best good news/bad news: Nick Zaccardi summed up the USA’s performance in the World Figure Skating Championships:

No Americans won medals in any discipline at the World Championships for the first time since 1994. But the U.S. earned three spots for women’s, men’s and ice dance at the 2015 World Championships, a feat it hadn’t accomplished since 2008, and put three women in the top eight for the first time since 2006, the last time a U.S. woman won an Olympic or World Championships medal.

So they’re on the right track. As opposed to short track or long track. (Sorry.)

Best rugby comeback: Uruguay kept baiting the USA into bad penalties. Everything was sloppy and messy, and Uruguay had a 13-3 lead. Then the Eagles did their best impression of a steamroller in the second half and romped into the World Cup with a 32-13 win in Atlanta.

Best chess comeback: Vishy Anand handed over the world chess championship to Magnus Carlsen. That was it, right? The generational change? Not quite. Anand convincingly won the double round-robin candidates’ tournament, cruising past three higher-ranked opponents to get a rematch.

Best chess analysis: I feel so much smarter after watching this.

Best chess prospect:

Best gender-desegregation notes:

Team USA wrapRowing World Cup, USA-Canada women’s boxing, U.S. Under-18 women’s hockey, gymnastics, and a lot of U.S. championships.

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