Random belated Spirit things

Various items from the Spirit’s win over Virginia and their Friday media day that aren’t outdated yet:

Diana Matheson on the Spirit’s experience upgrade in the offseason

Mark and Bill were so busy over the offseason, and they did an incredible job. I was in Canada, just watching them sign more and more great players. It was fun to watch. I think the new players this year outnumber the old ones. We brought in so many qualify soccer players with a lot of professional experience. It’s been a lot of fun to train so far this year.

And what it means for the locker room

Backstreet Boys, all early 90s stuff. One of the young girls who’s in training with us didn’t know any of the songs we were playing. That was good.

Ashlyn Harris on getting back to action against Virginia

Feels good. It’s good to be back, it’s good to be with the girls, it’s good to start screaming again at people. I really enjoyed it. It’s been a long few months for me and a hard preseason, doing these two-a-days, continuing to work on my strength and my rehab. It’s good to be tested, mentally and physically.

And on the keeper/sweeper role, not that she called it that

I love the ball at my feet. I’ve always loved the ball at my feet. I think it’s good for teammates to see that and feel that they can definitely play me in any situation and I’ll deal with it. I’d glad that they have the confidence to play me, even in pressure situations.

And on Virginia

UVA is quality. The way they play football, the way they move the ball is a great testament to their coach. I think Steve (Swanson)’s doing a great job. It’s good to see the game evolving in college.

Virginia coach Steve Swanson on the Spirit, whom Virginia beat 6-3 last season and tied 1-1 this time

The Spirit’s in a much different place than they were last year.

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