NWSL ready to take its supplements

We still have a couple of vacancies in each club’s allotment of free agent signings — presumably signings that the team and league know about but have not yet officially approved, stamped, notarized, sealed with the blood of a pirate or whatever they need to do to make such things “official.” And yet we’re moving ahead with the Supplemental Draft at noon ET.

Who else is available? Let’s take a look, bearing in mind that most of us have no idea whether these players are actually planning to play this year:

– WPS Best XI 2011: Harris, Sinclair and Wambach were allocated. McNeill and Buczkowski signed as free agents. Engen is in England. Riley is in Sweden. Marta, Seger and Boquete are with Sweden’s Tyreso (along with Christen Press and Meghan Klingenberg — dang, that’s some team). Sweden plays a summer schedule, so unless someone moves midseason, those players would seem to be off the table. Engen could conceivably come back earlier.

That leaves Nikki Krzysik.

Jeff Kassouf also drew up a Best XI. Huffman has signed, Ellertson has declared she won’t play. That leaves Tasha Kai, who was last seen coaching in Las Vegas. She’s not on the USA Rugby player pool at the moment, though she played a bit with the sevens squad not too long ago.

– WPS 2012 draft: Leroux and Noyola were allocated. Henderson is an unconfirmed Kansas City signing. Hagen plays for Bayern Munich. Taylor and Deines (Taylor Dayne?) signed with Seattle. Wells signed with Washington.

That leaves first-rounders Stephanie Ochs and Camille Levin, along with most of the next three rounds.

– W-League All-League 2012Averbuch is overseas. Cox is pregnant. Huffman’s already accounted for. Perez was allocated to WNY. Others may be anyone’s guess.

– Goalkeepers: Where are Val Henderson and Bianca Henninger?

Others to consider: Joanna Lohman, Casey Nogueira.

Everyone ready? Check back for updates …


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