NWSL free agent update: Feb. 9

Updated after the Supplemental Draft. No, we didn’t know all the free agent signings by then. A couple were announced shortly thereafter.

Here’s what we know or think we know so far:

1. Cat Whitehill, D
2. Lianne Sanderson, F
3. Kia McNeill, D
4. Kyah Simon, F (announced after draft)

1. Leslie Osborne, M
2. Lori Chalupny, M
3. Ella Masar, F
4. Taryn Hemmings, D
5. Jessica McDonald, F (replacement for Amy LePeilbet; announced after draft)

1. Jen Buczkowski, M
2. Sinead Farrelly, M (not confirmed)
3. Melissa Henderson, M (confirmed on draft day)
4. Leigh Ann Robinson, D (confirmed on draft day)

1. Allie Long, M
2. Nikki Washington, D
3. Becky Edwards, M
4. Nikki Marshall, D/F

1. Jess Fishlock, M
2. Kate Deines, D
3. Tiffany Cameron, F
4. Lindsay Taylor, F
5. Elli Reed, D (replacement for Amy Rodriguez; announced day after draft)

1. Brittany Bock, D/M
2. Manya Makoski, M/F
3. Danesha Adams, F
4. Lisa De Vanna, F

1. Candace Chapman, D (confirmed day after draft)
2. Chantel Jones, GK
3. Ingrid Wells, M
4. ???
5. ??? (compensation for late-arriving allocated player(s))

1. McCall Zerboni, M
2. Adriana, F
3. Samantha Kerr, M
4. Sarah Huffman, D
5. Brittany Taylor, D (compensation for receiving only two allocations)

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