NWSL supplemental draft: Who arrrre these people?

In case you followed along on Twitter but didn’t place some of the names (it helped that the W-League and other organizations congratulated their alumni as they were drafted, and it also helps that Wikipedia was in a frenzy today) …

And still, these player histories are not comprehensive. If you know something not mentioned here, please say so in the comments.

The year by their college name is their senior season, not their graduation date.

Quick note on WPS drafts: 2008 had a general draft for players who were not allocated. That was one of two drafts before the league started play. The 2009 draft still included non-college players — Briana Scurry and Brandi Chastain were among the selections.

Players in italic are players whose 2013 participation is in doubt. Teams retain their rights through the 2013 season.


1. Washington: Stephanie Ochs, F, San Diego 2011. WPS draft: 2012, first round (third overall). Given the update on Camille Levin (overseas) from my last post, that accounts for everyone in the 2012 first round. 2012 team: Western New York (WPSL Elite).

2. Seattle: Nikki Krzysik, D, Virginia 2008. WPS draft: 2009, second round. Started with Chicago in WPS, moved to Philadelphia and became a defensive cornerstone. 2011 WPS Best XI. 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

3. Boston: Joanna Lohman, M, Penn State 2003. WPS draft: 2008 general, fourth round. Played for Washington and Philadelphia in WPS; also did some time overseas. Reuniting the JoLi Academy crew with Lianne Sanderson already a Breaker. 2012 team: D.C. United Women (W-League).

4. Chicago: Lindsay Tarpley, F, North Carolina 2005. WPS original allocation. Former national team player with some injury concerns in the past. The only Chicago draft pick who didn’t play for Red Stars last season, but she started her WPS career there before moving to St. Louis, Boston and magicJack. 2012 team: Missed season (pregnancy).

5. Sky Blue: Katy Frierson, M, Auburn 2011. WPS draft: 2012, second round. Also played with Atlanta Silverbacks at some point. 2012 team: Western New York (WPSL Elite).

6. Kansas City: Courtney Jones, F, North Carolina 2011. WPS draft: 2012, second round. 2012 team: Boston (WPSL Elite).

7. Western New York: Estelle Johnson, D, Kansas 2009. WPS draft: 2010, third round. Two seasons with Philadelphia (WPS). Currently an assistant coach with Avila University in Colorado. 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite)

8. Portland: Tina Ellertson, D, Washington 2004. WPS original allocation. Played for Saint Louis, Atlanta and magicJack. Longtime friend and teammate of Hope Solo. Former national team player and outstanding marking back. Just one problem: She says she’s not playing this year. Pro Soccer Talk’s Richard Farley says Portland is optimistic about getting Ellertson and fourth-round pick Marian Dalmy. 2012 team: FC Salmon Creek Nemesis 99. OK, she was the coach.

(Still on the board: Goalkeepers, Tasha Kai, Casey Nogueira … unless they’ve all signed elsewhere already.)


1. Washington: Tori Huster, M, Florida State 2011. WPS draft: 2012, second round. Also the first pick in that second round. 2012 teams: Western New York (WPSL Elite) / Newcastle (Australia).

2. Seattle: Lauren Barnes, D, UCLA 2010. WPS draft: 2011, third round. Played for Philadelphia. Assistant coach at UC Riverside in 2012. 2012 team: Beach FC (WPSL)

3. Boston: Katie Schoepfer, F, Penn State 2009. WPS draft: 2010, third round. Played a few games for Sky Blue, then moved to Boston in 2011 and will play for the Breakers in a third league. 2012 team: Boston (WPSL Elite).

4. Chicago: Lauren Fowlkes, D, Notre Dame 2010. WPS draft: 2011, first round (fifth overall). Also formerly Pali Blues. 2012 team: Chicago (WPSL Elite).

5. Sky Blue: Brittany Cameron, GK, San Diego 2008. WPS draft: 2009, eighth round. Played in WPS with Los Angeles, Gold Pride and Western New York. 2012 team: Western New York (WPSL Elite).

6. Kansas City: Bianca Henninger, GK, Santa Clara 2011. WPS draft: 2012, third round. Given the hype around her for years, it’s stunning to see her taken this low. Could be a steal, especially if Nicole Barnhart needs to miss some time. Third-round pick in 2012 WPS draft. 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

7. Western New York: Angela Salem, D, Francis Marion 2009. WPS draft: not selected. Worked her way from small school to WPS, playing a little bit with Sky Blue in 2010 and a little bit more with Atlanta the next year. 2012 teams:  Western New York (WPSL Elite) / Newcastle (Australia).

8. Portland: Angie Kerr, M, Portland 2007. Formerly Angie Woznuk. WPS draft: 2008 general, third round. Has some U.S. national team experience. 2012 team: unknown


1. Washington: Jordan Angeli, M/D, Santa Clara 2009. WPS draft: 2010, second round. Played for Boston in WPS. Has had a few injury problems but has tweeted that she’s excited to be joining the Spirit and working toward a return. 2012 team: None

2. Seattle: Laura Heyboer, F, Michigan 2011. WPS draft: 2012, fourth round. 2012 club: Western New York (WPSL Elite).

3. Boston: Bianca D’Agostino, M, Wake Forest 2010. WPS draft: 2011, third round. Also played for Penn State. Played for Atlanta in her WPS season. 2012 team: Boston (WPSL Elite).

4. Chicago: Michelle Wenino, D, Colorado 2008. Whirlwind three years with Chicago, Freiburg (Germany), Pali Blues and Sky Blue. Also does sales and finance for GQ Formalwear. 2012 team: Chicago (WPSL Elite).

5. Sky Blue: CoCo Goodson, D, UC Irvine 2011. WPS draft: 2012, second round. 2012 team: FC Twente (Netherlands).

6. Kansas City: Merritt Mathias, F, Texas A&M 2011. Started college at North Carolina. Not picked in WPS draft. 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

7. Western New York: Kim Yokers, M, Cal-Berkeley 2003. Played with FC Gold Pride in WPS, 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

8. Portland: Michele Weissenhofer, F, Notre Dame 2009. WPS draft: 2010, fourth round. Played in Germany with Essen-Schonebeck. 2012 team: Chicago (WPSL Elite).


1. Washington: Tasha Kai, F, Hawaii 2005. PWow! Longtime national team player gets picked this late? Are they taking a chance that she’s interested in playing? Played for Sky Blue and Philadelphia. 2012 team: As far as I can find, none.

2. Seattle: Liz Bogus, F, Arizona State 2005. WPS draft: 2008 general, third round. Played a lot of places, including Pali Blues, before stints with Los Angeles and Boston in WPS. 2012 team: Pali Blues (W-League).

3. Boston: Jasmyne Spencer, F, Maryland 2011. WPS draft: 2012, fourth round. Short but speedy and effective scorer. 2012 teams: New York (WPSL Elite)/Brondby (Denmark).

4. Chicago: Jackie Santacaterina, D, Illinois 2009. WPS draft: 2010, seventh round. Went to Chicago in the WPSL instead, and she’s still there. 2012 team: Chicago (WPSL Elite).

5. Sky Blue: Meghan Lenczyk, F, Virginia 2010. WPS draft: 2011, third round. Played for Atlanta. 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

6. Kansas City: Casey (Nogueira) Loyd, M, North Carolina 2009. WPS draft: 2010, first round (eighth overall). Played for Chicago and Sky Blue. Longtime U.S. youth international star seems to have dropped off the map, and there’s some concern that she might not play. Married FC Dallas’ Zach Loyd — maybe Sporting KC can trade for him so she’ll play? 2012 team: FC Dallas (WPSL).

7. Western New York: Val Henderson, GK, UCLA (NCAA). WPS draft: 2009, fifth round. Played for Los Angeles and Philadelphia in WPS and had signed with Atlanta for 2012. Also played in Sweden. Assistant coach at San Jose State and traveled to Singapore for coaching exchange. If she’s planning to play, it’s incredible that she was still on the board this late. 2012 team: Bay Area Breeze (WPSL).

8. Portland: Marian Dalmy, D, Santa Clara 2006. WPS draft: 2008 general, third round. Played for Chicago and magicJack. Another former national team player. Clearly, teams are now drafting in the hopes that some of these players will be persuaded to play now or later. Got married in early 2012. 2012 team: Can’t find one listed.


1. Washington: Megan Mischler, F, West Virginia 2010. Tweeted her excitement about being picked by the Spirit. Former PR assistant with Boston and fellow Our Game contributor. Also works on gameday PR for Pittsburgh Steelers. 2012 team: Hammarby (Sweden).

2. Seattle: Michelle Betos, GK, Georgia 2009. Also appears on past rosters for Atlanta Silverbacks, Boston Aztec, Apollon (Cyprus) and, most improbably, River Plate (Argentina). 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

3. Boston: Lauren Alkek, D, Oklahoma 2010. WPS draft: 2011, fourth round. Played for Bay Area Breeze in 2011. 2012 team: Chicago (WPSL Elite).

4. Chicago: Alyssa Mautz, M, Texas A&M 2010.  WPS draft: 2011, third round. Played for Sky Blue. Has been tweeting her excitement about the new league. 2012 team: Chicago (WPSL Elite).

5. Sky Blue: Kandace Wilson, D, Cal State Fullerton 2005. WPS draft: 2008 general, second round. Played for Ajax America and Pali Blues before WPS, then played for Gold Pride and Western New York (WPS).  Assistant coach at alma mater. 2012 team: Not found

6. Kansas City: Tina DiMartino, M, UCLA 2008. WPS draft: 2009, first round (third overall, between Megan Rapinoe and Yael Averbuch). Another former national team player, also played for Gold Pride, St. Louis and Philadelphia in WPS. How is she still available this late? Equalizer’s Dan Lauletta says she “has no intention of playing in NWSL.” 2012 team: New York (WPSL Elite).

7. Western New York: Ashley Grove, F, Maryland 2011. Trained with Paul Riley SuperGroup. 2012 team: Rochester (W-League).

8. Portland: Jessica Shufelt, F, Connecticut 2011. 2012 team: Ottawa Fury (W-League).


1. Washington: Heather Cooke, D, Loyola (Md) 2009. Appeared on The Real World: Las Vegas. Then she worked in the nuclear and fitness industries. And she played for the Philippines. 2012 team: FC Jax Destroyers (W-League).

2. Seattle: Kaley Fountain, D, Wake Forest 2009. WPS draft: 2010, second round. Played for Gold Pride, Atlanta and Western New York. Also did some reporting for CSN Bay Area. Tweeted that she will not be playing. 2012 team: Romney.

3. Boston: Jessica Luscinski, M, Boston University 2011. WPS draft: 2012, fourth round. Played college soccer in Boston, drafted by Boston, played WPSL Elite in Boston, playing NWSL … in Boston. 2012 team: Boston (WPSL Elite).

4. Chicago: Pass

5. Sky Blue: Allison Falk, D, Stanford 2008. WPS draft: 2009, second round. Scored first goal in WPS history for Los Angeles, then first goal in Philadelphia Independence history. WPS Defender of the Year finalist in 2010. Continued with Philly in 2011. Now an account executive at Eventbrite in the Bay Area. 2012 team: California Storm (WPSL), though no stats listed.

6. Kansas City: Casey Berrier, D, Loyola (Ill.) 2009. Retweeted the NWSL tweet of her selection. 2012 team: PK-35 (Finland).

7. Western New York: Pass

8. Portland: Pass

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3 thoughts on “NWSL supplemental draft: Who arrrre these people?”

  1. The only reason I could think of for why Portland took Ellertson would be to make certain she does not play for Seattle this year (she could always have changed her mind).

    And it is apparent that the league didn’t have player registration for this draft

  2. Has Dalmy said anything about not playing? I’m pretty sure she lives in Portland and had contact with Cone prior to the draft so I see no reason why she wouldn’t play. Just wondering.

  3. And I’m a idiot. Appearantly Ellertson lives 10 miles away from Portland (via her Twitter account), and not near Seattle as I originally thought.The pick makes a lot more sense, especially if there is some possibility she might play (considering she wants to stay close to her family).

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