Olympic Daily Glance: Day 0 — The revolution will not be televised

Friday at the Olympic Games: Stuff you can’t see.


A bunch of men’s soccer, with Japan upsetting Spain, Belarus getting one past the otherwise superb New Zealand-via-Fairfield goalkeeper Michael O’Keeffe, and the ref in the Great Britain-Senegal draw apparently losing his red card on the Underground.


Coming Saturday. We promise.


Archery: Qualification rounds for men’s and women’s individual and team.
– U.S. interest: Full team, legit medal hopefuls including a gold medal contender in Brady Ellison.

times ET

NBC’s networks are not televising this round of archery. Not even online.

The Opening Ceremony will be at 4 p.m. ET. NBC will broadcast it in prime time. I’m predicting thousands of Americans will find a way to watch it along with the rest of the world, but I have to remind everyone that such activities are usually illegal. Now who can help me intercept Eurosport’s satellite feed?

Full TV listings: NBCOlympics.com
Full online listings: Also NBCOlympics.com

I’ll be doing this daily during the Games. As a reminder, you’ll also find my work at Bleacher Report, and I’ll be helping Trapit capture the best Olympic news sources. Follow @TrapitSports or all Olympic-related Trapit feeds on Twitter for more.

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