Olympic Daily Glance: Day -1 — Flagged

Thursday at the Olympic Games: More soccer. Soccer fans probably think these Games are about them … they’re so vain.


On Wednesday, the U.S. women’s soccer team fell behind 2-0 and came back to win 4-2 against France. African women’s soccer teams didn’t do so well. Neither did the people who picked out the flags to show on the big screen at one soccer venue, which showed South Korean flags by pictures of North Korean players. They had a little delay after that.


Geez, could you wait another day or two?


Soccer: Eight men’s games, spread throughout the day.
– U.S. interest: Didn’t qualify. Don’t remind us.

times ET

7 a.m., NBC SN: Men’s soccer, Honduras-Morocco
9:30 a.m., NBC SN: Men’s soccer, Mexico-South Korea
9:45 a.m., MSNBC: Men’s soccer, Spain-Japan
Noon: Might be the last day you can take a long lunch, so do it
2:45 p.m., MSNBC: Men’s soccer, Brazil-Egypt
3 p.m., NBC SN: Men’s soccer, Great Britain-Senegal

Full TV listings: NBCOlympics.com
Full online listings: Also NBCOlympics.com

I’ll be doing this daily during the Games. As a reminder, you’ll also find my work at Bleacher Report, and I’ll be helping Trapit capture the best Olympic news sources. Follow @TrapitSports or all Olympic-related Trapit feeds on Twitter for more.

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