2012 medal projection update: Equestrian

Je pense que les websites d’equestrian sont ecrit par les personnes confuses ou sadique.

(I think that means “I think equestrian websites are written by confused or sadistic people.”)

Here’s what we said last year. Here are the rankings. Here we go …

Individual dressage: The Netherlands have the legendary Anky van Grunsven, top-ranked Adelinde Cornelissen and Edward Gal. The next seven on the list are German or British. American Steffen Peters is 16th and 17th (on two different horses). The rest of the U.S. team: Tina Konyot, Jan Ebeling and Adrienne Lyle. We’ll stick with the original projection: Netherlands, Germany, Netherlands

Team dressage: No reason to change here, either: Netherlands, Germany, Britain

Individual jumping: The top three in the rankings have only shuffled slightly — Sweden’s Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, France’s Kevin Staut, Canada’s Eric Lamaze (tied with Switzerland’s Pius Schwizer). The U.S. squad: Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Rich Fellers, Reed Kessler. Madden, the 2008 bronze medalist, is the only one in the top 20.  We’ll stick with the original picks once again: Sweden, France, Canada

Team jumping: Nearly changed this one to put Britain in the medals. Nope. The USA may not have many riders at the very top, but the team has plenty of depth. Still the same: Germany, France, USA

Individual eventing: The USA has a full five-member team — Karen O’Connor, Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton, Tiana Coudray and Will Coleman. Martin’s ranked third, Dutton fourth, O’Connor 23rd. That bodes well for the team event but also gives the USA a legit shot at an individual medal. Again. The three non-Americans in the top five were in the top three in the World Equestrian Games: top-ranked William Fox-Pitt (Britain), Andrew Nicholson (New Zealand) and Michael Jung (Germany). New Zealand has a second rider ranked sixth, and we like strength in numbers in these picks. Projection was GBR-GER-NZL; now Britain, New Zealand, USA

Team eventing: After the six riders mentioned above, we have four Australians. Britain, Germany and the USA also have considerable depth. We’ll leave this projection alone: Britain, Germany, Australia


  1. Eventing – Team

    At last year’s European championships Germany were extremely impressive beating the opposition comfortably. The tight course at Greenwich will probably suit them and together with their expertise in the dressage phase I think they may well beat GB into second.

    Dressage – Team

    On the other hand GB’s comprehensive victory over both the Dutch and Germans at the 2011 European Championships (GB 238.678[ER], GER 226.110, NETH 222.645) as well as winning individual silver and bronze suggests they may win their first ever olympic dressage medals.

  2. An article in today’s Daily Telegraph – ‘London 2012 Olympics: Britain predicted to win individual and team dressage gold’ – reports that world number three Matthias Roth and super horse Tortilas have withdrawn from the German team.

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