The elephant in the women’s soccer room: NCAA

NY Fury coach Paul Riley, who led the Philadelphia Independence to two runner-up finishes in WPS, has a few thoughts about the future of the game, and it differs a bit from the Peter Wilt plan — more money, more months in the season: The money issue is really just a question of what owners are willing to put on the table. If it’s $1.5 million per team, great. If it’s closer to the $300,000 at the low end of Wilt’s range, then that’s what it is. The more interesting question here is the length of the season. Riley may be … Continue reading The elephant in the women’s soccer room: NCAA

The contrarian take on Silva-Sonnen

A lot is riding on the upcoming UFC pay-per-view with Anderson Silva defending his middleweight title once again against Chael Sonnen, who grounded-and-pounded Silva for four-and-a-half rounds the first time they faced off before Silva pulled off the miracle comeback two years ago. For the UFC, it’s a chance to continue its comeback from a disappointing string of injury-riddled pay-per-view cards. The last two big ones — Jon Jones-Rashad Evans (UFC 145, April), Junior dos Santos-Frank Mir and other heavyweights (UFC 146, May) — have done well. (We’ll give the UFC a pass on UFC 147 in Brazil, which turned … Continue reading The contrarian take on Silva-Sonnen

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: June 25

We got upsets. And we’ve got teams in the W-League Western fighting for those two playoff spots. In the East, the strange thing about the format is that the second-place team from the top seed’s division will advance. That means the Charlotte Lady Eagles and Virginia Beach Piranhas might have actually hurt themselves by getting draws with leaders Atlanta and D.C. United, who are battling for that top spot. The Central is still a logjam, but four teams plus Ottawa will make it. Ottawa’s hosting the Final Four. 1. Pali Blues (9-0-1, W-League Western; Last Week: 1) – roster Took the biggest win of … Continue reading AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: June 25

A quick look at the Lance Armstrong impasse

Cyclingnews has a solid overview, complete with some exclusive information, of the Lance Armstrong case, along with links to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s charges and Armstrong’s response. One item Cyclingnews raises through an anonymous source — the charges are not based on testimony from the grand jury investigation that ended with no charges being filed. Most of the USADA charges are based on testimony from as-yet-unnamed witnesses who were involved with Armstrong’s team. The Armstrong response aggressively asks for the names, last known addresses and contact information of these witnesses — perhaps not the best PR strategy when the USADA complaint already … Continue reading A quick look at the Lance Armstrong impasse

Title IX-related questions

I pride myself on being less cynical than the typical journalist. And I’m certainly not someone to rain on the parade of Title IX’s 40th anniversary. Griping about an anniversary commemoration is like showing up at a July 4 fireworks display to gripe about drone attacks or Guantanamo or all the Native Americans who died when Columbus came over here. Time and place. Time and place. And besides, I think we’d agree that Title IX, like the Declaration of Independence, is generally a Good Thing. That said, this sort of celebration brings out a few groups of people: People who … Continue reading Title IX-related questions

TV viewing for the next two weeks

How am I supposed to get any work done? (All times Eastern) Thursday, June 21 2:30 p.m.: Soccer, Euro 2012 quarterfinal, Czech Republic-Portugal (ESPN) 10 p.m.: Olympic trials, diving (NBC Sports Network) Friday, June 22 2:30 p.m.: Soccer, Euro 2012 quarterfinal, Germany-Greece (ESPN) 5 p.m.: UFC, prelims (Facebook) 6 p.m.: UFC, prelims (Fuel) 8 p.m.: Bellator, light heavyweight quarterfinals (MTV2) 9 p.m.: UFC, Maynard-Guida (FX) 9 p.m.: Olympic trials, track and field (NBC Sports Network) 11 p.m.: Olympic trials, diving (NBC Sports Network) Saturday, June 23 1:30 p.m.: Field hockey, U.S. women vs. Argentina (NBC Sports Network) 2:30 p.m.: Soccer, … Continue reading TV viewing for the next two weeks