U.S. Women’s Open Cup 2012: Quest for results!

Yes, there is a Women’s Open Cup. No, you don’t know most of the teams involved.

But I started digging around a bit in the past two weeks, and so did some folks at BigSoccer. Here’s what we’ve found so far, and any crowd-sourcing is welcome.

The finals for this and the other USASA Cups (men’s open, men’s amateur, men’s over-30, men’s under-23, women’s under-23) will be at the Chicago Fire’s Toyota Park (Bridgeview, Ill.) July 20-22.


First round – April 22
at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh United (W.Pa.) 7-0 Maryland Capitols FC (WPSL)

Second round – May 17
at New York

Battle Row (E.NY) 8-1 Pittsburgh United
at Rochester
Rochester Lazers (W.NY) 4-0 United German Hungarians Fury (E.Pa.)

Semifinals – June 7
at New York
Battle Row 1-0 Rochester Lazers
New York Athletic Club (WPSL) 4-0 Peninsula Aztecs (NJ)

Final – June 17
at New York

New York Athletic Club 5-0 Battle Row

New York Athletic Club

I got some details on this game: scorers were Princeton’s Liana Cornacchio (2), Duke’s Laura Weinberg (2) and Stanford’s Allison McCann. The team picture is at right. Both courtesy Charles Spingler at NYAC.

New York Athletic Club advances

at Fort Wayne, Ind.

June 15
Chicago Red Stars (WPSL) 2-0 Croatian Eagles (Wisc.)
Fort Wayne SC (Ind.) 2-2 United Metro (Kansas)

June 16
Chicago Red Stars 3-0 United Metro
Croatian Eagles 2-2 JB Marine (Mo.)
Chicago Red Stars 2-0 Fort Wayne SC
JB Marine 5-0 Fort Wayne SC
Croatian Eagles 3-0 United Metro

June 17
JB Marine 2-1 United Metro
Croatian Eagles 3-1 Fort Wayne SC
Chicago Red Stars 0-0 JB Marine

Round-robin scores: Chicago Red Stars 10,  JB Marine 8, Croatian Eagles 7, United Metro 1, Fort Wayne SC 1

Chicago Red Stars advance


May 25
Houston Challengers 2-1 Houston Aces
Turbo D’Feeters (S.Texas) 2-1 San Antonio FC

May 26
Turbo D’Feeters 3-0 Houston Challengers
San Antonio FC 5-0 Lazers (Ga.)
Houston Aces 4-1 Turbo D’Feeters
Houston Challengers 4-1 Lazers

May 27
Houston Aces 7-0 Lazers
Houston Challengers 1-1 San Antonio FC

May 28
Houston Aces 0-0 San Antonio FC
Turbo D’Feeters 6-0 Lazers

Round-robin scores: Turbo D’Feeters 9, Houston Aces 7, Houston Challengers 7, San Antonio FC 5, Lazers 0

Turbo D’Feeters advance


Haven’t found results; region hasn’t had qualifying tournaments in recent years.


Final: JB Marine 2-1 Sparta United (Utah) (ET)
Semifinalists: ASA Chesapeake Charge (Md.), Triad United Aces (NC)
Region I: Finalist Peninsula Aztecs (NJ), semifinalists New York Athletic Club and Pa. West United (W.Pa.), quarterfinalist/host Vereinigun Erzebirge (E.Pa.)
Region II: Not sure how JB Marine advanced. They finished fourth in round-robin (with final playoff) behind St. Louis, Croatian Eagles and Dynahawks (Kansas)
Region III: Runner-up AFC Aces (S.Texas), Cobras (SC), FC Austin (S.Texas)
Region IV: No results listed

Final: New York Athletic Club 2-0 Dallas Premier (ET)
Semifinalist: Kentucky Wanderers
Region I: Finalist Danubia (E.Pa.), semifinalists Peninsula Aztecs and Vereinigun Erzebirge, quarterfinalists Pa. West United, United German Hungarian Elite (E.Pa.), Partizan Richmond Ladies (Va.)
Region II: Kentucky Wanderers won on goal difference over JB Marine and Croatian Eagles. Then Vardar East (Mich.) and Move Makers (Ill.)
Region III: Finalist Houston Challengers. Two round-robin groups: Runners-up were Triad United Aces and AFC Aces. Then Cougars (Ga.) and Mudbugs (La.).
Region IV: No semifinalist, no results listed

Final: Eclipse (Ill.) 3-1 New York Athletic Club
Semifinalists: Houston Challengers, Phoenix Inferno
Region I: Finalist Danubia, semifinalists Peninsula Aztecs and Classic Crush (Mass.)
Region II: Finalist Kentucky Wanderers. Two round-robin groups: Runners-up were JB Marine and Women’s SC United. Then FC Indiana and AAFC Elite.
Region III: Runner-up Triad United Aces, then Lynch’s Irish Pub.

Then David Litterer has finalists back to 1996.

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