Two NWSL reserve teams in WPSL Final Four, we think

Never easy, but here’s what I’ve figured out so far from the WPSL site schedule: Home teams listed first, where applicable. West Region Champions of Northwest (Issaquah), Pac North (Spurs), Pac South (SoCal); plus Pac South runner-up (San Diego)  Playoffs (July 18) SoCal FC 5-0 Tottenham Hotspur Eastbay Ladies Issaquah Soccer Club 3-1 San DiegoContinue reading “Two NWSL reserve teams in WPSL Final Four, we think”

U.S. soccer’s cluttered amateur/semipro/youth landscape

Summers are getting shorter all the time, aren’t they? If you’re a soccer player or fan, they certainly are. My county’s school system only wrapped up its school year 30 days ago. And already, a lot of our local soccer teams have finished their seasons. That’s the reality today for the W-League, WPSL, PDL andContinue reading “U.S. soccer’s cluttered amateur/semipro/youth landscape”

W-League, WPSL still going – with a few changes

The old leagues are not dead. Long live the new league — and the old ones. The USL’s W-League has survived to its 19th season. Heading to last season, the league lost no teams and added three. Of those three teams, two have rebranded (Central SC Cobras –> Carolina Elite Cobras; VSI Tampa Flames –>Continue reading “W-League, WPSL still going – with a few changes”

Women’s soccer leagues: How much video should fans expect?

Do you need a live stream of your local women’s soccer team? Highlights? What else? Here’s one suggestion from a BigSoccer thread: I have NO problem with games not streaming for free anymore, I think they aren’t really worth the laborious efforts and will never generate enough interest and should not be done unless aContinue reading “Women’s soccer leagues: How much video should fans expect?”

Women’s soccer, the new league and Hope Solo: Can’t we all just get along?

There’s three sides to every story — yours and mine and the cold, hard truth — Don Henley There’s blood in my mouth ’cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week — Rilo Kiley Jules: Yolanda, I thought you said you were gonna be cool. Now when you yell at me, it makes me nervous. And whenContinue reading “Women’s soccer, the new league and Hope Solo: Can’t we all just get along?”

New women’s soccer league — here we go

The timing was interesting — I got a press release at 12:26 a.m. I’ll reproduce it in full here. One question has been answered: It appears there are no hard feelings between this group and the WPSL. See the comments from Jerry Zanelli. They say this league isn’t competing with the WPSL and W-League —Continue reading “New women’s soccer league — here we go”

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) final power rankings

The age-old quandary: Playoffs or regular season? My gut tells me Pali Blues (technically unbeaten but lost league title on PKs) and the Boston Breakers (lost in playoffs while defensive anchor couldn’t get there) are the best teams in the country. But we reward playoff winners in this country, and the teams that beat them aren’t bad,Continue reading “AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) final power rankings”

Women’s soccer power rankings, politics and TV listings

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks for women’s soccer in the USA. The W-League playoffs saw Pali Blues keep rival Seattle Sounders at bay, while D.C. United Women confirmed their status as the best in the East and Quebec City Amiral emerged as the best of the non-Ottawa teamsContinue reading “Women’s soccer power rankings, politics and TV listings”

D.C. United Women impress in W-League conference final

How good are D.C. United Women? Their opponent in Sunday’s W-League East final, the Charlotte Lady Eagles, had eliminated the defending W-League champion Atlanta Silverbacks by winning their division. Charlotte followed that up with a rout over the Long Island Rough Riders, who had won a tough division that included the talent-laden New Jersey Wildcats.Continue reading “D.C. United Women impress in W-League conference final”

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings and playoff picture: July 16

It’s playoff time, and we’ve already seen some good teams’ seasons end — the W-League’s Atlanta Silverbacks, New Jersey Wildcats and Colorado Rush; the WPSL’s Beach FC and Maryland Capitols. The WPSL Elite has one more week of the regular season, but the four pro teams are already in the playoffs. The regular-season title may comeContinue reading “AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings and playoff picture: July 16”