WPS goalkeeping musical chairs

Chris Henderson (not the MLS veteran) follows women’s college soccer in rather remarkable detail, and I’m absolutely not qualified to question his selections in AWK’s 2012 WPS Mock Draft v1.0. But one point is provocative: Would the Atlanta Beat make a colossal mistake by passing on heralded goalkeeping prospect Bianca Henninger? A team’s goalkeeping needs may be more obvious than, say, a glaring gap at left wing. But goalkeepers are rarely in demand in the top few selections of the draft. Check MLS: Out of the 120 top-10 picks of the past 12 years, only six have been goalkeepers. Brad Guzan … Continue reading WPS goalkeeping musical chairs

Myriad most popular: 2011

By popular demand (well, some demand, anyway), I’m going through the stats to see what you read on SportsMyriad this year. Traffic was down just a little year over year, which isn’t surprising even though the blog didn’t operate all 12 months of 2010. In 2010, I was trying to make this a full-service, revenue-generating blog, so I was posting more frequently. This year, I concentrated a bit more on work that actually pays money. Still, readership wasn’t bad. Here’s what surprised me: – 2012 medal projections keep getting traffic even without recent activity. – The Ultimate Fighter recaps really … Continue reading Myriad most popular: 2011

SportsMyriad in 2012: Keep me in your RSS reader

Through it’s 21-month existence, SportsMyriad has seen erratic activity — flurries of posts, then very little. I’d expect the first couple of months of 2012 to veer toward “very little.” I really need to sit down and wrap up my next book, and I may still have a few features for espnW along with the occasional sports culture post at Popdose. But please keep me in your RSS readers (or at least follow me on Twitter) for the following reasons: 1. If some news breaks in WPS, I’m still likely to have some of it here. 2. When I get … Continue reading SportsMyriad in 2012: Keep me in your RSS reader

WPS vs. the semipros

We’ve all lived ten days since I last posted about WPS and nine days since WPS owners accepted U.S. Soccer’s terms for Division I sanctioning, and yet the debate doesn’t seem to have changed. One reason it’s still going: We’ve seen a return from hibernation from the blogger known as Fake Sigi. (He’s a bit different from the typical “Fake” or “Not” identities that parody Sepp Blatter, Dan Borislow, “soccerreform” and Grant Wahl in that we know his real name and he spends little time mimicking his namesake.) I’ve seen Fake at the same table as Canadian journalist Duane Rollins, but they … Continue reading WPS vs. the semipros

WPS vigil’s final hours: The overseas question, U.S. budgets

The U.S. Soccer board will go into a conference call this evening to discuss Topic A in the U.S. women’s soccer community: Will WPS get a waiver to continue as a Division I league with five teams? Don’t expect any board members to chat openly before that meeting, but in the meantime, we’re getting some interesting conversation that relates at least indirectly to the concept of professional women’s soccer: The Whitecaps’ white hat knocked off? Canadian writer Duane Rollins chatted with Vancouver Whitecaps exec Bob Lenarduzzi recently and confirmed that the Caps aren’t interested in WPS at the moment. Rollins concluded … Continue reading WPS vigil’s final hours: The overseas question, U.S. budgets

WPS: It’s pretty much officially not going to be six teams in 2012

The reason given for the delay in WPS sanctioning was to give the league time to line up a sixth team. That has not happened. Here’s WPS CEO Jennifer O’Sullivan: While our discussions with expansion candidates continue to be positive, we are now at a point in time where adding a team for 2012 at this late date could put the club at a great disadvantage both in a business and competitive sense. We are moving forward in planning the 2012 season with the current field of five teams that are committed to play in the League and continuing expansion … Continue reading WPS: It’s pretty much officially not going to be six teams in 2012

Great time for promotion/relegation fans to step up

Because I wrote a book about Major League Soccer that sold at least 10 copies and long held a position in which USA TODAY tolerated a small amount of soccer writing, I’m something of a lightning rod for what we might call “promotion/relegation zealotry.” The funny thing is that these folks don’t say, “Hey, you’ve done a lot of painstaking and not particularly profitable research on the business of American soccer — let’s talk about what would need to happen to make a traditional league system work in this country.” These folks insist on yelling at me and ignoring what … Continue reading Great time for promotion/relegation fans to step up