Myriad most popular: 2011

By popular demand (well, some demand, anyway), I’m going through the stats to see what you read on SportsMyriad this year.

Traffic was down just a little year over year, which isn’t surprising even though the blog didn’t operate all 12 months of 2010. In 2010, I was trying to make this a full-service, revenue-generating blog, so I was posting more frequently. This year, I concentrated a bit more on work that actually pays money.

Still, readership wasn’t bad. Here’s what surprised me:

2012 medal projections keep getting traffic even without recent activity.

The Ultimate Fighter recaps really dropped off. Perhaps that’s because Season 13 wasn’t great.

– Single-Digit Soccer started with a bang and dropped to nothing. That might be the biggest disappointment for me. Some of the posts drew less than 20 page views.

My best MMA writing didn’t do well at all. That included an in-person report on TUF tryouts, my response to a ridiculous Washington Post piece, my take on the media hysteria over an ill-advised kids fight, and the only conference call transcript you’ll ever need.

Here’s what didn’t surprise me:

Angry Duke-bashers were all over my post on the lacrosse scandal. Angry promotion-relegation backers didn’t bother. And when I angered Title IX critics, I had a thoughtful discussion with them but got little traffic.

The WPS-Borislow documents and other breaking news all did pretty well.

Here’s the full list (excluding the posts that drew tiny page views), expressed as percentages of my traffic:

Home page 25.5
WPS WPS and magicJack: Points off the table 5.57
College Former Duke lacrosse players win a couple, lose many 2.83
WPS Dan Borislow statement on WPS suit 2.65
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 6: You’re fired 2.4
WPS Borislow: Reasons WPS is dead, how to save it 1.97
WPS All the Borislow-WPS legal documents (so far) 1.85
WPS The WPS vigil, Dec. 5: What’s Division I, anyway? 1.83
Msoc 1994-2010 World Cup rosters: USA getting better? 1.58
WPS WPS rips Borislow in legal documents 1.13
Wsoc Women’s soccer boom, version 2.0 1.07
WPS Tinkering with the 2012 WPS calendar 1.05
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 13 cast 0.93
WPS Borislow-WPS suit documents 0.9
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 1 0.85
Wsoc Women’s World Cup: Small step for Japan, giant leap for women’s soccer 0.82
Soccer How and how not to change the U.S. soccer landscape 0.82
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: Sharks, minnows and reasonable goals 0.73
Oly 2012 medal projections 0.71
Soccer A brainstorm on mixing pro and elite amateurs 0.71
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 7: Close shave 0.7
Wsoc Choke! Why there’s no double standard for women’s soccer 0.66
WPS Brainstorming as WPS deadline approaches 0.61
College Student-athletes: Going on the endangered list? 0.61
WPS The WPS vigil: Dec. 2 update 0.61
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 2 0.59
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 9: Shocking end 0.58
Soccer Style points: Why everything you think about the present or future U.S. soccer mentality is wrong 0.57
WPS Will WPS stars sign up for another season? 0.57
Oly 2012 medal projections, men’s track: Bolt, then who? 0.56
Oly 2012 gymnastics: China takes show on the road 0.56
WPS The WPS vigil: Nov. 29 update 0.55
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 8: Not how you shut someone up 0.55
Msoc The marketing of Landon Donovan 0.53
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 5: Agent Cope 0.5
MLS A realistic 2011 MLS season preview 0.49
Wsoc Reflections on “The Man Watching” and Anson Dorrance 0.48
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 5: Bisping’s bad, he’s bad, you know it 0.47
Oly 2012: Field events 0.46
Wsoc Could D.C. fans find Freedom in W-League? 0.45
WPS The WPS vigil: Nov. 30 update 0.45
Soccer Great time for promotion/relegation fans to step up 0.45
Oly 2012 canoe/kayak: Hail Slovakia and Hungary 0.44
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ tryouts and the soul of MMA fighters 0.44
MMA UFC 136 and my love/hate relationship with MMA 0.41
WPS WPS vs. the semipros 0.39
General Are sports monopolies necessary? 0.38
General What it takes to make a pro women’s sport work 0.38
General Midweek Myriad: Fretting over Freddy, winter winners, soccer challenge 0.38
WPS WPS: It’s pretty much officially not going to be six teams in 2012 0.37
General Gender equity debate won’t end, but can it change? 0.36
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 1: Unlucky 13th 0.35
WPS WPS vigil’s final hours: The overseas question, U.S. budgets 0.34
WPS The Freedom of the Majestic WPS FCs 0.33
WPS Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated) 0.32
Oly 2012 medal projections: Old Cold War battles, Jamaica heat up women’s running 0.32
Msoc Beckham and the remnants of condescending England 0.31
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 4: You know the matchup, but can you stop it? 0.31
Oly 2012 badminton: Any hope for Europe? 0.3
General 2011 in myriad sports 0.3
Oly 2012 men’s swimming: Lochte, Lochte, Phelps, Lochte, Phelps, Phelps … 0.29
MMA The only MMA conference call transcript you’ll ever need 0.29
Oly 2012 women’s swimming and synchro: All about the Franklins 0.27
Oly 2012 pentathlon/triathlon: Modern times 0.27
Oly 2012 track and field projections: Big year for USA? 0.26
Oly 2012 wrestling: Not just an MMA prep course 0.26
Wsoc Fifa World Cup 2011 announces mascot. A cat. An ELEGANT cat 0.26
Soccer The ups and downs of promotion and relegation 0.26
Oly 2012 sailing: Take me away to where I want to be … 0.25
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: The Shin Guardian “treatise” and the fundamentals 0.25
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 2: Bigger upset than VCU 0.25
Cricket My fractured relationship with Ian Bell 0.24
Oly 2012 diving: Can we just say “China” and move on? 0.24
Oly 2012 cycling: The wheels on the bike go round and round 0.23
MLS “Ramos Project” looks promising 0.23
Oly 2012 weightlifting: Only the strong survive 0.23
Oly 2012 fencing: My name is Inigo Montoya … 0.23
Oly 2012 shooting: Bang, bang, bang on the door, baby 0.22
General The effect of arguments 0.21
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 10: A punchy farewell to Spike 0.21
WPS Mad about the Freedom? Place the blame on … 0.2
General Rugby terms: Or why most people who say “scrum” are wrong 0.2
Oly 2012 judo: No chops allowed 0.19
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 10: The finalists are … 0.19
Wsoc Germany 5: Welcome to Heidelberg, Beau! 0.19
Oly 2012 taekwondo: Slightly more violent than Riverdance 0.19
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 12, Episode 1: Fight! (x14) 0.19
MMA Washington Post piece lectures kids about evils of MMA 0.18
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 7: Ground and … hey! Hold still! 0.18
Oly 2012 rowing: More medals for sitting British athletes 0.18
Wsoc Germany 4: Stuck inside of Frankfurt with the Augsburg blues again 0.18
Soccer What makes a soccer game change? Besides Messi 0.18
Oly 2012 ball sports: Yay, team! Except you folks with bats 0.18
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: Do small-sided games backfire? 0.18
Oly 2012 boxing: Welcome, women! 0.18
MLS MLS All-Stars, overreaction and reaction 0.17
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 3: Dodson the Mole? 0.17
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: Can youth soccer be an afterschool program? 0.16
Soccer Book review: ‘A Beautiful Game’ 0.16
Wsoc Germany 6: Last legs 0.15
MMA Sanchez-Kampmann: MMA judges, statistics and damn lies 0.15
WPS 2011 WPS predictions 0.15
General Friends, athletes, objectivity and professionalism (SEO adds: MMA and sex) 0.15
Oly 2012 tennis/table tennis: Who’s your Venus? 0.14
General Midweek Myriad: Marta, Nadal, handball, 1260s, etc. 0.14
WPS WPS welcomes the sound of sponsors in Season 2 0.14
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 4: Underestimate this 0.14
MLS MLS Cup: An experiment 0.14
MMA The case for Mayhem Miller 0.14
Soccer Best reads on FIFA/CONCACAF crisis 0.13
Soccer The Frimpong questions 0.13
Oly Amateur boxers: Are you looking at my headgear? 0.13
MMA Union opens up in fight against the UFC 0.13
Cricket Ashes ‘old guys’ ready to return to action 0.13
MMA The curse of Fedor: Former opponents faring poorly 0.13
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: When do you split the kids? 0.13
Wsoc Germany 2: Leaving Berlin, never easy 0.13
College The Atlantic, the NCAA and the wrong discussion 0.12
Oly Live: Diamond League debut 0.12
MLS The annual MLS playoff fretting 0.12
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 11, Episode 1: 14-fight whirlwind 0.11
Soccer World Cup economics and skepticism 0.11
MMA Kids in the cage: How not to do mixed martial arts 0.1
Oly 2012 equestrian: Horse is a horse, of course 0.1
General Myriad most popular 0.1
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 11, Episode 3: Not that there’s anything wrong with that 0.1
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 13, Episode 3: Turning points 0.1
Wsoc Thunderstruck: D.C. United Women’s home debut 0.1
MMA MMA and drug testing: The good without the bad? 0.1
Soccer Tales of soccer survival: MISL’s Milwaukee Wave 0.1
MLS Is MLS too physical? 0.09
Wsoc Germany: Day 1-2 0.09
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Season 14, Episode 9: Efficient, yes, but exciting? 0.09
MMA Sort-of review: McCarthy/Hunt, “Let’s Get It On” 0.08
Wsoc Germany 3: Bochum’s bad rap 0.08
Oly The biggest non-Olympic Olympic sports event is upon us … 0.08
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: Position papers 0.08
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: OK, let’s back up a bit … 0.08
MMA The Ultimate Fighter: Episode 14, Season 8: Fire extinguishers! Near-KOs! 0.07
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ Season 12, Episode 7: Kos gets a break, or three 0.07
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 12, Episode 2: Bruce Decoy 0.07
Oly 2012 update: Track and field 0.07
MLS Virtual Viewing Party: MLS All-Star Game 0.07
MLS MLS fans: Shut the *&^&# up 0.07
WPS Freedom’s misfortunes touch Gold Pride, too 0.06
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: Hey! Get out of the woods! 0.06
Oly 2012 projections at the halfway point 0.06
MLS A modest MLS playoff proposal 0.06
Youth Single-Digit Soccer: “Boot it!” 0.06
MMA UFC in transition as it debuts on Fox 0.06
WPS Maron’s world tour: Loans to Africa, teams in Iceland and Sweden, then Atlanta 0.05
MMA A farewell to Fedor? Plus other Strikeforce thoughts 0.05
Msoc Alejandro Bedoya, stealth marketing and the U.S. World Cup roster 0.05
Chess Why this world chess championship is so exciting 0.05
General Here comes the judge … 0.05
Oly LaShawn Merritt, male enhancement and unanswered questions 0.05
MLS MLS Week 6: How long can Red Bulls’ surge last before crash? 0.05


  1. You’ve been one of the very few authoritative sources on the whole WPS-Borislow situation, so I’m not surprised that those entries are high in the standings. (And I, for one, have very much appreciated them, even as I lament what happened to what once was the flagship team of women’s club soccer.)

  2. So these list only the click-throughs? Anything I read while it is on the home page comes up, then, as a home page visit?

    Thanks for the list. I missed several things I want to read, and I can find them now that I know what I am looking for.

    Interesting about the Single Digit Soccer stuff – some of my favorite posts of the year.

  3. I don’t understand the numbers either. Having coached my sons until they reached the double digits, I greatly enjoyed the single digit soccer entries.

    I also enjoyed the Title IX entries, and quoted from them to friends whose daughter is on the Old Dominion U rowing team, but has not been anywhere near the water.

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