Women’s soccer power rankings, politics and TV listings

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks for women’s soccer in the USA. The W-League playoffs saw Pali Blues keep rival Seattle Sounders at bay, while D.C. United Women confirmed their status as the best in the East and Quebec City Amiral emerged as the best of the non-Ottawa teamsContinue reading “Women’s soccer power rankings, politics and TV listings”

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings and playoff picture: July 16

It’s playoff time, and we’ve already seen some good teams’ seasons end — the W-League’s Atlanta Silverbacks, New Jersey Wildcats and Colorado Rush; the WPSL’s Beach FC and Maryland Capitols. The WPSL Elite has one more week of the regular season, but the four pro teams are already in the playoffs. The regular-season title may comeContinue reading “AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings and playoff picture: July 16”

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: July 10 — Playoffs??!!

By this time next week, we may know all our playoff teams. Instead of an “Also considered” this week, we’re going to look at the playoff races. The big results this week: New England’s (controversial?) win over Boston, Atlanta’s draw at VSI Tampa. 1. Pali Blues (12-0-1, W-League Western; Last Week: 1) – roster 5-0 and 2-0Continue reading “AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: July 10 — Playoffs??!!”

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: July 3

Not much action this week outside the top three. The big results were in the Boston-Chicago game and on Seattle’s road swing through Colorado. 1. Pali Blues (10-0-1, W-League Western; Last Week: 1) – roster Survived challenge from Vancouver, winning 2-1. Colorado teams visit this week. 2. Boston Breakers (8-2-0, WPSL Elite; LW: 3) – roster Won the bigContinue reading “AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: July 3”

The elephant in the women’s soccer room: NCAA

NY Fury coach Paul Riley, who led the Philadelphia Independence to two runner-up finishes in WPS, has a few thoughts about the future of the game, and it differs a bit from the Peter Wilt plan — more money, more months in the season: The money issue is really just a question of what owners areContinue reading “The elephant in the women’s soccer room: NCAA”

AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: June 25

We got upsets. And we’ve got teams in the W-League Western fighting for those two playoff spots. In the East, the strange thing about the format is that the second-place team from the top seed’s division will advance. That means the Charlotte Lady Eagles and Virginia Beach Piranhas might have actually hurt themselves by gettingContinue reading “AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: June 25”

U.S. Women’s Open Cup 2012: Quest for results!

Yes, there is a Women’s Open Cup. No, you don’t know most of the teams involved. But I started digging around a bit in the past two weeks, and so did some folks at BigSoccer. Here’s what we’ve found so far, and any crowd-sourcing is welcome. The finals for this and the other USASA CupsContinue reading “U.S. Women’s Open Cup 2012: Quest for results!”

AmWoSo (WPSL, W-League) Power Rankings: June 19

Some order is settling into the W-League, and our rankings include the top two teams in every division along with a couple of third- and fourth-placed teams in the strongest divisions. The WPSL Elite had an interesting week: The Philadelphia Fever became the first amateur team to take a point off a pro team, holdingContinue reading “AmWoSo (WPSL, W-League) Power Rankings: June 19”

AmWoSo (WPSL, W-League) Power Rankings: June 11

Rankings may not usually shuffle unbeaten teams, but Pali Blues had an impressive road swing through Colorado to move up to #1. They still have to go through the rest of the stacked W-League Western Division, though. Here’s what we have so far (at the bottom, check out the games to watch — or followContinue reading “AmWoSo (WPSL, W-League) Power Rankings: June 11”

AmWoSo (American Women’s Soccer) Power Rankings: June 4

Which teams are best in the post-WPS American women’s soccer scene? We’ll tell you (at least, we’ll give a consensus opinion) in our AmWoSo Power Rankings. This is a joint project of The Equalizer, All White Kit and SportsMyriad. Comparing between the W-League and WPSL Elite — or even comparing WPSL Elite to regular WPSLContinue reading “AmWoSo (American Women’s Soccer) Power Rankings: June 4”