Monday Myriad, July 21: Spike and strike

This week: A couple of U.S. teams won world championships (one official, one nearly official), and we had a track meet with a series of dizzying performances. We are the champions (I): U.S. men in the World League volleyball final. #FIVBWorldLeague: USA win the World League for the second time and for the first time sinceContinue reading “Monday Myriad, July 21: Spike and strike”

Volleyball takes another shot at a pro league

Women’s soccer isn’t the only sport in which the USA is a world power but struggles to keep a league of its own. Volleyball and water polo are in the same boat. USA Volleyball, along with the Los Angeles company Grand Prix Sports, is aiming to change that: USAV Awards Sanctioning for Pro League. TheContinue reading “Volleyball takes another shot at a pro league”

2012 medal projection update: Ball sports

See the original post for projections from 16 months ago; read on for the latest (which may not have changed much): BASKETBALL The only major international event played since the last World Championships were the men’s and women’s European tournaments. The top four men: Spain, France, Russia, Macedonia. Women: Russia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic. FIBAContinue reading “2012 medal projection update: Ball sports”

2012 ball sports: Yay, team! Except you folks with bats

Let’s see … I’ve done projections for archery, athletics, badminton … let’s call up the spreadsheet and see what’s next: Baseball! Oh … right. Baseball and softball are gone from the Olympic program because, as we all know, it’s easier to turn an 18-hole golf course into an Olympic venue than it is to putContinue reading “2012 ball sports: Yay, team! Except you folks with bats”

Monday Myriad: Want U.S. world titles? We’ve got ’em

Even with an extra day, the weekend was overstuffed: Soccer: No disrespect to Uruguay and the Netherlands, but isn’t the Germany-Spain matchup as good as it gets? The most explosive team in the Cup against a team that has spent the last three and a half years as the Harlem Globetrotters of world soccer? CloserContinue reading “Monday Myriad: Want U.S. world titles? We’ve got ’em”

Thursday: No fooling around here

Today’s headlines: – Soccer: The U.S. women’s team beat Mexico 1-0. At least, we think that’s what happened. The snow made it a little hard to see. Can’t wait for U.S. Soccer to post the highlights. In the meantime, the Salt Lake Tribune story includes a photo gallery worth checking out. (U.S. Soccer match report)Continue reading “Thursday: No fooling around here”