2016 medal projections: Handball (men’s)

The World Championships are all over bar the shouting. And people are shouting about Qatar — the country you know as the dubiously selected FIFA World Cup host in 2022 but now known as the country that bought a bunch of ringers for its handball team, bought a bunch of fans for this tournament and got so many questionableContinue reading “2016 medal projections: Handball (men’s)”

Team handball: Cool sport meets cold reality

Like curling in the Winter Olympics, team handball (or, as the rest of the world calls it, “handball”) attracts a new wave of admirers with every Summer Olympics. But curling maintains a foothold in the USA between Games, with plenty of Americans active on the World Curling Tour and a few players who can beContinue reading “Team handball: Cool sport meets cold reality”

2012 medal projection update: Ball sports

See the original post for projections from 16 months ago; read on for the latest (which may not have changed much): BASKETBALL The only major international event played since the last World Championships were the men’s and women’s European tournaments. The top four men: Spain, France, Russia, Macedonia. Women: Russia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic. FIBAContinue reading “2012 medal projection update: Ball sports”