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2012 medal projection update: Shooting

At last, we’re getting to the sports in which the original picks were done after the most recent World Championships. So we might not change very much, but we’ll peek at the world rankings and then make sure the shooters in question are actually going to London.

Ready … aim ….

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2012 shooting: Bang, bang, bang on the door, baby

Would you believe one of the most dramatic events I ever covered was an Olympic shooting final? Believe it.

This is another one of those sports in which the Olympic program has changed a bit over the years, but not in this Olympic cycle. That’s good for those of us who like a bit of consistency.

The ISSF (shooting’s federation) has a handy updated guide to help us all navigate through the confusing quota system they use for qualification.

We had full World Championships in 2010, with shotgun-only World Championships to come in September.

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