How the USA can do promotion and relegation better than England

BEAU: Riccardo Silva offered MLS $4 billion for media rights if it would institute promotion/relegation? And people like Jeff Carlisle have already done the heavy lifting in reporting what did and didn’t happen? Great! Time to do a quick opinion piece. BEAU’S CONSCIENCE: What are we, all clickbait now? You know that offer was justContinue reading “How the USA can do promotion and relegation better than England”

U.S. soccer’s cluttered amateur/semipro/youth landscape

Summers are getting shorter all the time, aren’t they? If you’re a soccer player or fan, they certainly are. My county’s school system only wrapped up its school year 30 days ago. And already, a lot of our local soccer teams have finished their seasons. That’s the reality today for the W-League, WPSL, PDL andContinue reading “U.S. soccer’s cluttered amateur/semipro/youth landscape”

U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history

Through May 23, 2014, lower-division teams have beaten MLS teams 66 times. (MLS teams have won 160.) And based on a whole lot of spreadsheets, we can declare one particular lower-division team the most accomplished team in the Open Cup. The PDL is 38-87 against non-MLS pro leagues. But other amateur leagues are less successfulContinue reading “U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history”

U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard

Headlines (see glossary below): – The NPSL is out. Georgia Revolution fell 3-2 in the “Battle of Atlanta” against the NASL Silverbacks. – The USASA is out, though Dearborn took Dayton (USL Pro) to extra time before falling 4-1. – PDL upsets so far: Reading over Harrisburg (USL Pro), Ocean City over Pittsburgh (USL Pro),Continue reading “U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard”