How the USA can do promotion and relegation better than England

BEAU: Riccardo Silva offered MLS $4 billion for media rights if it would institute promotion/relegation? And people like Jeff Carlisle have already done the heavy lifting in reporting what did and didn’t happen? Great! Time to do a quick opinion piece. BEAU’S CONSCIENCE: What are we, all clickbait now? You know that offer was justContinue reading “How the USA can do promotion and relegation better than England”

The NASL, NPSL, and why there’s no pleasing pro/rel advocates

If you read all my tweets and replies on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve eased up a bit on ignoring the crowd that pushes for promotion and relegation in U.S. soccer. It’s intentional. I think we’re starting to see some ideas that go beyond shouting anti-MLS slogans. And given the scarcity of MLSContinue reading “The NASL, NPSL, and why there’s no pleasing pro/rel advocates”

U.S. soccer’s cluttered amateur/semipro/youth landscape

Summers are getting shorter all the time, aren’t they? If you’re a soccer player or fan, they certainly are. My county’s school system only wrapped up its school year 30 days ago. And already, a lot of our local soccer teams have finished their seasons. That’s the reality today for the W-League, WPSL, PDL andContinue reading “U.S. soccer’s cluttered amateur/semipro/youth landscape”

U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history

Through May 23, 2014, lower-division teams have beaten MLS teams 66 times. (MLS teams have won 160.) And based on a whole lot of spreadsheets, we can declare one particular lower-division team the most accomplished team in the Open Cup. The PDL is 38-87 against non-MLS pro leagues. But other amateur leagues are less successfulContinue reading “U.S. Open Cup: Top 14 teams and upset history”

U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard

Headlines (see glossary below): – The NPSL is out. Georgia Revolution fell 3-2 in the “Battle of Atlanta” against the NASL Silverbacks. – The USASA is out, though Dearborn took Dayton (USL Pro) to extra time before falling 4-1. – PDL upsets so far: Reading over Harrisburg (USL Pro), Ocean City over Pittsburgh (USL Pro),Continue reading “U.S. Open Cup second round, collated scoreboard”