Podcast: Ep 5 — Promotion/relegation with Peter Wilt

For more than a decade, promotion/relegation talk has been the bane of the U.S. soccer community’s existence. It wasn’t going to happen any time soon, and some people reacted to that news by harassing and slandering the people who explained the reasons why. But now? We have a former Chicago Fire president — Peter Wilt, who hasContinue reading “Podcast: Ep 5 — Promotion/relegation with Peter Wilt”

Major League Soccer oral history and other new research

In Long-Range Goals (available in print, on Kindle, on Nook, and possibly elsewhere), I said I hoped the book wouldn’t be the only book on MLS history in a few years. The league has plenty of stories to tell. Complex tells a few of those stories today in “An Oral History of Major League Soccer’s Frenzied FirstContinue reading “Major League Soccer oral history and other new research”

MLS vs. Mexico: The Goonies are not good enough

MLS teams made another predictable exit from CONCACAF Champions League play this week, and this time, one of the opposing coaches saw fit to kick a little dirt northward after the final whistle. Toluca coach Jose Cardozo: “(San Jose’s players) were all just sat back. Here (in Mexico), they say soccer has grown a lot inContinue reading “MLS vs. Mexico: The Goonies are not good enough”

MLS: Time to quit playing hardball

You may have already seen former FC Dallas player Bobby Warshaw’s epic takedown of anti-MLS snobbery. If not, please pause here and go read it. Warshaw makes a realistic case, conceding a few problems with the “crazy, messed-up league.” Pay disparities within a team and attendance disparities between them are hardly unique to MLS, butContinue reading “MLS: Time to quit playing hardball”

Chivas USA: Farewell to a mistake

I was wrong. When Chivas USA was announced as an MLS expansion team, I thought fans would greet it warmly. At home, they would draw solid crowds. On the road, the crowds would get a boost from the Chivas fans scattered across the country. That didn’t happen. As the years went by, it was clear thatContinue reading “Chivas USA: Farewell to a mistake”

Monday Myriad, March 4: Nordic state of mind

Headlines from the week: – Slovenia’s Tina Maze is having the best Alpine skiing World Cup season of all time. – Norway’s Maret Bjoergen had one of the best Nordic World Championships of all time. – Shaun White was back in action with another U.S. Open title. – Milers Mary Cain and Will Leer stood out at the USA Indoor track and fieldContinue reading “Monday Myriad, March 4: Nordic state of mind”

MLS team guides: What the heck is this?

One of my favorite books is English Football: The Rough Guide. The guide has an entry for each club in England’s top four soccer leagues. All 92 clubs. Like most Rough Guides, it’s essentially a travel book. Want to know how to get to Bury’s home ground? Maybe find a friendly pub along the way?Continue reading “MLS team guides: What the heck is this?”