Mayweather-McGregor: A corporate bailout, not a fight

I’m certainly not the first person to tell you I won’t be watching Floyd Mayweather box Conor McGregor tonight. It’s one thing to watch Randy Couture pummel James Toney in the co-main event of a strong UFC card. It’s another to shell out $99.99 to watch a UFC fighter who’s third, at best, in theContinue reading “Mayweather-McGregor: A corporate bailout, not a fight”

Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015

Selected features and interviews, plus coverage from several Olympics: Features Dec. 1, 2015: US college sports are a factory for Olympic medalists – but for how much longer? (The Guardian) Nov. 7, 2015: Speed skating: can the US team shine after the failure of Sochi? (The Guardian) Aug. 30, 2015: Why Serena Williams, not Ronda Rousey, isContinue reading “Olympic sports writing: 2004-2015”

Monday Myriad, July 28: Sprinter’s paradise

We begin this week with a view of a cycling sprint finish from the winner’s perspective. Sounds like that would be “nothing,” but Marianne Vos didn’t take the lead until the last few meters: Last 200m is strangely zen. RT @Bonnie_D_Ford Yowsers MT @velonews On-board footage from Vos final km/La Course. … … —Continue reading “Monday Myriad, July 28: Sprinter’s paradise”

Olympic boxing: Pro rules

Boxing safety is more art than science. Consider this: “There’s no evidence protective gear shows a reduction in incidence of concussion,” Butler said. “In 1982, when the American Medical Association moved to ban boxing, everybody panicked and put headgear on the boxers, but nobody ever looked to see what the headgear did.” AIBA’s executive committeeContinue reading “Olympic boxing: Pro rules”

Amateur boxers: Are you looking at my headgear?

Emboldened after tipping their toes into the waters of boxing with prize money and without headgear, the AIBA (amateur boxing’s world federation) is thinking about getting rid of headgear in future Olympic competitions: News | Olympic amateur boxers may ditch headguards post 2012 | Universal Sports Pros: With knockouts more likely, this system would encourageContinue reading “Amateur boxers: Are you looking at my headgear?”

2012 boxing: Welcome, women!

Olympic boxing goes co-ed in 2012, with three women’s weight classes added. To keep the total numbers down, in accordance with the IOC’s present tactic of limiting the Summer Games’ size, they’ve cut one men’s weight class and reduced numbers in other classes so that the total number of boxers will barely change. Adding womenContinue reading “2012 boxing: Welcome, women!”

How old is too old to fight?

Jordan Breen raises a question along those lines on Twitter today, linking to video of a dreadful performance by MMA/kickboxing veteran Gary Goodridge and wondering how promoters can keep trotting him out into the ring. The fight’s horrible — opponent Catalin Morosanu seems to enjoy landing shots at will through the first round but laterContinue reading “How old is too old to fight?”