Thursday FIFA media frenzy roundup

Here’s what everyone’s saying now that we’ve had more than 24 hours to digest the news of a whole bunch of FIFA bigwigs being indicted: Who’s who, and who’s facing what charge: Good breakdown here from The Washington Post. The 2010 World Cup: Did South Africa literally out-bribe Morocco? The Telegraph picks up that part of the indictment: It also said that the former Fifa vice-president Warner was offered $1 million (£652,000) by South Africa’s rival bidder Morocco but that Blazer learnt from his colleague that “high-ranking officials of Fifa, the South African government, and the South African bid committee, were prepared to arrange for the … Continue reading Thursday FIFA media frenzy roundup

Highlights of the FIFA indictment

In case you don’t have time to read all 1xx pages of the indictment against various FIFA-ish people, here are a few items of note: (All of the following are alleged in the indictment. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty.) – Former CONMEBOL president Eugenio Figueredo obtained U.S. citizenship in 2006. He claimed he was exempt from the English language and civics exams because of a mental disability, specifically severe dementia. Seven years later, he was CONMEBOL president and a member of FIFA’s executive committee. – CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb owns a residence in Loganville, Ga., along with other … Continue reading Highlights of the FIFA indictment

The Ultimate Fighter 21, Episode 5: The streak ends

What we learned this week: – My cable company doesn’t have The Ultimate Fighter on demand. I had to wait to catch the Sunday rerun. – Some guy from American Top Team is really good at climbing ropes. – American Top Team finally picks Hayder Hassan to fight. They don’t mention the hand injury ruled him out of the last four. – The Blackzilians pick Andrews Nakahara, who claims a world championship in Kyokushin karate. He is seen training on a beach. Then a 250-pound guy comes up to kick sand in his face, and Nakahara signs up for a Charles Atlas … Continue reading The Ultimate Fighter 21, Episode 5: The streak ends

Washington 1-0 Sky Blue: Lightning strikes

I hope no Washington Spirit players are expecting a nice, happy training session when they get back to work next week just because they pulled off a 1-0 win over Sky Blue on Saturday. “About the 60th minute, I was already thinking about training and I wouldn’t know where to start, because there were about 200 things you would want to touch on,” coach Mark Parsons said. “Last week, when there were a few slip-ups, that’s normal.” This was not. Goalkeeper Kelsey Wys might get a pass, having stood her ground against a 21-shot onslaught, nine on goal. Maybe Crystal Dunn, … Continue reading Washington 1-0 Sky Blue: Lightning strikes

The Ultimate Fighter 21, Episode 4: A scare for Creepy

What happened in this episode: – “Creepy Steve” Montgomery botched his weight cut and had a terrifying seizure. The panic on his American Top Team teammates’ faces was one of the harshest moments of reality on this long-running reality show. He’s OK. And he seems like a great guy, saying he just wants to spread positive energy, either through fighting or smiling. Most people watching would probably love to buy him a beer. – Carrington Banks, the Blackzilians’ choice to fight this week, also seems like a great guy. He spent a lot of his childhood in Georgia, so I’m … Continue reading The Ultimate Fighter 21, Episode 4: A scare for Creepy

U.S. Open Cup: Meet the first-round winners

The big story from last night’s U.S. Open Cup first round is Harpo’s FC of the Colorado Amateur Soccer League, billed as Colorado’s Most Competitive League. It must be pretty good — Harpo’s is only in third place in Division 1 East. They’re bringing a lot of attention to the U.S. Specialty Sports Association, which was only added to the U.S. Open Cup field in 2013. And I’d imagine a lot of people now have an interest in checking out Harpo’s Bar and Grill in Boulder. At the very least, I know where I’m going if I’m ever in Boulder while a UFC … Continue reading U.S. Open Cup: Meet the first-round winners

Major League Soccer oral history and other new research

In Long-Range Goals (available in print, on Kindle, on Nook, and possibly elsewhere), I said I hoped the book wouldn’t be the only book on MLS history in a few years. The league has plenty of stories to tell. Complex tells a few of those stories today in “An Oral History of Major League Soccer’s Frenzied First Season,” gathering then-commissioner Doug Logan, founding father Alan Rothenberg, U.S. Soccer’s Hank Steinbrecher, MLS exec-turned-USSF president Sunil Gulati, a few other executives and some of the more notable and outspoken players. (Yes, Eric Wynalda speaks.) Some of the stories will be familiar to those who’ve … Continue reading Major League Soccer oral history and other new research