Monday Myriad, May 12: Wild chess

The Diamond League is the lead story this week, with a few athletes already in midseason form.

– The men’s high jump was insane, with Russia’s Ivan Ukhov just 0.04 meters off the world record and just 0.04 meters ahead of the next three jumpers.

– Kenya’s Asbel Kiprop set a meet record and nearly reached the top 10 of all time in the men’s 1,500 meters, finishing in 3:29.18. The top six were all under 3:31.

– Hellen Obiri, also of Kenya, ran the fastest 3,000 meters of all time aside from four people in a sketchy meet in China in 1993. She finished in 8:20.68.

– The USA’s LaShawn Merritt tied his own 2014 world lead (44.44 seconds) in the 400 meters.

Check out the Daily Relay wrap and GIFs of the track and field weekend, then read on …


Best chess news: The U.S. Championships have been entertaining.

Worst chess news: Hello? World Championship here? Anyone want to host?


Most apprehensive BMX rider: Funny thing — she won silver.


Best U.S. performance that hasn’t been rounded up: Three diving medals in the Puerto Rico Grand Prix.


Biggest breakout win: U.S. men’s rugby exorcised a few demons …


Best geopolitical statement: Russian team Dinamo Kazan wins world club volleyball championship with U.S. player Jordan Larson.


Two bad IOC decisions that are in no way related, maybe: 

1. They’re almost making progress on the golf course Rio has to build because golf was added to the Olympics.

2. The 2016 Olympics are almost definitely probably not moving to London.

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One thought on “Monday Myriad, May 12: Wild chess”

  1. Here’s what the board looked like right after the fourth queen emerged:

    Black would resign five moves later.

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