Monday Myriad, April 29: Spike and swim

(Delayed by urgent family business)

Kerri Walsh Jennings? Michael Phelps? What is this — 2008?

That’s the modern-day Olympic athlete for you. It ain’t over until they’re my age.

Best team: 

Best team visiting China: U.S. archers grabbed five medals at a World Cup stop in Shanghai.

Best race:

Closest race: They had to break out the thousandths to determine that Kristi Castlin upset world champion Brianna Rollins in the Drake Relays 100 hurdles.

Best race in water: And to think that Katie Ledecky is best known for her long-distance swims …

Best mental matchup: The USA’s Hikaru Nakamura loves to challenge world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. Just went astray this time.

Weirdest closing position: Hey, if it takes 101 moves and this weird double-phalanx position to get a draw with world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, knock yourself out, Teimour Radjabov. Looks like the pieces are collapsing toward the center of a black hole.

Best 1-2: 

Best 3-4 (week) and 4-5 (season): Gwen Jorgensen and Sarah Groff are getting used to being in triathlon contention. 

Best comeback:

Best record: Kerri Walsh Jennings, now paired with April Ross after the retirement of longtime partner Misty May-Treanor, has a record 47 FIVB beach volleyball titles.

Biggest domination: World Series of Diving stopped by the London 2012 Olympic venue (just a week after I was there), and … it was a lot of China.

Biggest throw: This brief judo matchup comes from the always essential Frontier Sports roundup:

Best punchline setup: Also from Frontier Sports: “Rio’s mayor says sports are making too many “unnecessary demands” ahead of the Games.”

Like … having places to play games, run, swim, etc.

Least convincing denial / best humblebrag:

Worst handoff: It’s only fair that the Bahamas beat the USA in the Penn Relays men’s 4×400 after the U.S. anchor tried to run off with their baton.

Full wraps:

– Penn Relays/Drake Relays (and several marathons) at Daily Relay’s Monday Morning Run. Also includes a GIF of the messed-up baton handoff.

– Sailing: Stacked World Cup competition in France. All the swimming, plus equestrian and field hockey.

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