Today in wrestling’s Olympic battle

Hey, Dana White! Bjorn Rebney! What do you big-time MMA promoters think wrestling should do to stay in the Olympics?

Wrestling’s leaders have indeed asked, and my former USA TODAY colleague Kelly Whiteside has the story on what they’re considering — everything from dramatic walkouts to new clothes. The story includes this great anecdote:

 “Two pieces? Dan will probably roll over in his grave,” (Mike Novogratz) said about the legend standing next to him.

“Nah. I wore a three-piece in college,” said Gable about his time at Iowa State in the late 1960s. “A shirt, tights and a pair of shorts that went over.”

Someone who wore a lot less than that on his way to nine Olympic gold medals is weighing in on wrestling’s behalf (via OlympicTalk):

As are more Olympic legends of the 70s and 80s:

(Still can’t believe Mark Spitz shaved that mustache.)

The “Rumble on the Rails” — USA, Iran and Russia in Grand Central Terminal — will be broadcast live today. USA vs. Iran at 3:30 ET on NBC Sports Network and USA vs. Russia on Universal Sports at 6 ET. Also online at

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One thought on “Today in wrestling’s Olympic battle”

  1. Maybe the Olympics need their own version of progression/relegation. Certain sports that aren’t cutting the mustard in the Olympics get relegated to the World Games. Sports -too good not to be in the Olympcis- get advanced to the Olympics. A fair and open system for a sport to become an Olympic Sport or be demoted from the Olympics. The current system is corrupt, or, at least, too prone to corruption.

    What’s this I read about “pole dancing” being touted as an Olympic Sport? That Strip Club thing that appears to be taking on a life outside the S.C.’s with a World Championship competition. No less an “authority” than Marvel’s Stan Lee is promoting this, at least in a Youtube vdieo. Basically it would amount to people swinging around a vertical metal pole or multiple vertical poles rather than a horizontal pole like in artistic gymnastics and getting scored for their efforts. Not unlike Figure Skating or Diving.

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