Myriad most popular: 2012

These annual posts have been illuminating. This year, they tell me my audience is primarily two groups of people:

1. People who stopped by for Olympic medal projections. That alone accounted for 40.22% of my traffic. Then figure that the home page, which at the time was set so that you could often read whole posts without clicking through, got 38.27%.

2. The women’s soccer community. That’s 10.87% of my traffic. General soccer (men’s and women’s) took another 1.02%. Men’s soccer drew only 1.04% — partially the effect of covering less of it, but even the somewhat interesting posts drew squat. The MLS team pages drew 0.49%.

Beyond that, someone out there is still reading the Duke lacrosse commentary (proof that the best way to get traffic is to toss some reality into a deluded echo chamber), and people really don’t care about The Ultimate Fighter recaps any more. Bad news for me, considering I just finished a book on that topic.

Not that my next book ideas are looking better. My Single-Digit Soccer posts have been ignored. Don’t care — I’m writing that book, anyway. Doping posts also didn’t do that well, though I don’t plan to do a book on that.

Here’s the funny thing about Olympic sports: Everyone read the medal projections, but no one stuck around for the Olympic daily glances that I loved writing.

What does all of this mean for next year? Stay tuned …

Sport Title Percent
All Home page / Archives 38.27
Medals 2012 medal projections 19.82
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Swimming and synchro 1.58
Medals 2012 medal projections: The mega-meta comparison 1.07
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Gymnastics 1.06
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Ball sports 1.05
WoSo New women’s soccer league: Must be some misunderstanding 1.04
WoSo Borislow: Let’s reiterate a deal 0.99
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Shooting 0.99
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Cycling 0.97
WoSo Business plan (Lisa needs braces!) – roots of a WPS conflict 0.93
Soccer Soccer (category page) 0.89
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Wrestling 0.83
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Weightlifting 0.82
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Tennis and table tennis 0.79
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Rowing 0.75
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Track and field 0.75
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Judo 0.69
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Sailing 0.69
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Taekwondo 0.61
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Canoe/kayak 0.6
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Boxing 0.58
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Modern pentathlon and triathlon 0.56
Medals 2012 gymnastics: China takes show on the road 0.55
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Fencing 0.55
WoSo Hope Solo: Too unique for a double standard 0.52
WoSo Today in WPS and the Florida courts 0.46
Medals 2012 men’s swimming: Lochte, Lochte, Phelps, Lochte, Phelps, Phelps … 0.46
WoSo New women’s soccer league: Questions and evolving answers 0.4
Medals 2012 women’s swimming and synchro: All about the Franklins 0.37
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Diving 0.33
WoSo WPS teams move on; WPS does not 0.32
WoSo Glimpse inside Florida courtroom raises more questions in WPS-Borislow case 0.3
WoSo AmWoSo(American Women’s Soccer) Power Rankings: June 4 0.29
All About 0.29
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Archery 0.28
Medals The China-USA medal count battle and Olympic projections: Don’t panic! 0.28
WoSo New women’s soccer league — here we go 0.27
WoSo U.S. Soccer chooses Sermanni, not symbol, as women’s coach 0.26
WoSo Women’s soccer, the new league and Hope Solo: Can’t we all just get along? 0.25
WoSo All the Borislow-WPS legal documents (so far) 0.25
WoSo Women’s soccer league officially getting more official 0.24
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Equestrian 0.23
WoSo A farewell to Pia: What she changed, what she didn’t 0.23
WoSo Greg Ryan responds to Hope Solo’s allegations 0.22
WoSo An instant classic at Old Trafford 0.21
MenSo 1994-2010 World Cup rosters: USA getting better? 0.21
Medals 2012 medal projections, 2011 version 0.21
Medals 2012 weightlifting: Only the strong survive 0.2
WoSo Women’s soccer power rankings, politics and TV listings 0.19
Medals 2012 medal projection update: Badminton 0.19
WoSo Borislow unleashes anger at U.S. Soccer 0.19
WoSo Hope Solo back on the Twitter rampage 0.18
General Former Duke lacrosse players win a couple, lose many 0.18
Medals 2012 shooting: Bang, bang, bang on the door, baby 0.17
WoSo Boston Breakers statement on WPS 0.17
MMA The Ultimate Fighter, Episode 7: The worst fight in TUF history? 0.17
WoSo Why the Borislow-WPS case won’t die 0.17
Medals 2012 tennis/table tennis: Who’s your Venus? 0.16
Medals 2012 track and field projections: Big year for USA? 0.16
Medals 2012 taekwondo: Slightly more violent than Riverdance 0.16
General Are sports monopolies necessary? 0.15
Medals 2012 rowing: More medals for sitting British athletes 0.15
Medals 2012 canoe/kayak: Hail Slovakia and Hungary 0.14
WoSo Reflections on “The Man Watching” and Anson Dorrance 0.14
Oly When Olympians deserve better from the rest of us 0.14
MMA MMA (category page) 0.14
Medals 2012 cycling: The wheels on the bike go round and round 0.14
Medals 2012 sailing: Take me away to where I want to be … 0.14
WoSo A Hope Solo thought experiment 0.14
MMA The Ultimate Fighter 16: 16 random facts about the show 0.13
MMA The Ultimate Fighter, Season 16, Episode 4: Fix the scales! 0.13
WoSo Essential women’s soccer updates 0.13
Medals 2012 pentathlon/triathlon: Modern times 0.13
MMA The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 3: Three! Three silly pranks … ah ah ah ah … 0.13
Medals 2012 medal projections, men’s track: Bolt, then who? 0.13
General Title IX-related questions 0.12
WoSo Women’s soccer league: Now for something completely different 0.12
WoSo Women’s soccer trending upward or going in circles? 0.12
Medals 2012 medal projection redux: What we learned 0.12
WoSo Recapping the WPS-Borislow case 0.12
WoSo Random bits of U.S. women’s pro soccer history 0.12
MMA The Ultimate Fighter 16, Episode 10: Team Jacob vs. Team Carwin 0.12
WoSo Women’s soccer marketing: The kids are not alright 0.11
MMA Jon Jones: The UFC’s fault lines finally lead to an earthquake 0.11
Medals 2012 judo: No chops allowed 0.11
MLS team Real Salt Lake 0.1
MLS team Seattle Sounders 0.1
Doping Lance Armstrong’s gambit: Tour de France titles, prosecution and history 0.1
Medals 2012: Field events 0.1
Medals 2012 wrestling: Not just an MMA prep course 0.1
WoSo AmWoSo (WPSL, W-League) Power Rankings: June 11 0.09
WoSo D.C. United Women and Boston Breakers: A W-League/WPSL friendly 0.09
MMA Rousey’s armbar parade and the state of women’s MMA 0.09
Oly Winter preview: Figure skating 0.09
WoSo You want U.S. Soccer involvement in elite women’s game? Here you go … 0.09
MMA The contrarian take on Silva-Sonnen 0.09
WoSo The U.S. Open Cup, women’s soccer and “data points” 0.09
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 10 — I do like Mondays 0.08
WoSo American women in Europe: Champions League soccer update 0.08
MenSo Bradenton residency, Class of 1999: Where are they now? 0.08
MenSo Major League Soccer’s minor-league tinkering 0.08
WoSo Judge cuts Borislow’s discovery request in half, but WPS’s to-do list is long 0.08
WoSo AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: June 25 0.08
Medals 2012 fencing: My name is Inigo Montoya … 0.08
Medals 2012 badminton: Any hope for Europe? 0.08
Oly Final tally: USA qualifies for 83.5% of possible Olympic spots 0.08
Medals 2012 ball sports: Yay, team! Except you folks with bats 0.07
Doping Lance Armstrong case: Random things you should know 0.07
Medals 2012 diving: Can we just say “China” and move on? 0.07
Soccer Again with the promotion/relegation: Investors STILL needed 0.07
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 9 — Transition day 0.07
WoSo U.S. Women’s Open Cup 2012: Quest for results! 0.07
General Past, present and future projects at SportsMyriad and beyond 0.07
Oly Myriad Questions for … Sarah Hendrickson, ski jumper 0.07
Doping Lance Armstrong saga brings out the vitriol 0.07
WoSo AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) final power rankings 0.07
General Volleyball takes another shot at a pro league 0.07
WoSo Paul Riley’s WPS supergroup 0.07
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 11 — Time for a USA comeback 0.07
General Return of the War on Nonrevenue Sports: Beyond the “Title IX Games” 0.07
WoSo The elephant in the women’s soccer room: NCAA 0.06
WoSo WPS goalkeeping musical chairs 0.06
WoSo Next U.S. women’s coach? Safe status quo vs. shakeup 0.06
WoSo AmWoSo (WPSL, W-League) Power Rankings: June 19 0.06
Medals 2012 medal projections: Old Cold War battles, Jamaica heat up women’s running 0.06
MenSo D.C. United-Columbus Crew: Random views from Section 302 0.06
MMA UFC gives Chael Sonnen a title shot he simply does not deserve 0.06
MMA The UFC’s curious response to ESPN’s piece 0.06
MMA The Ultimate Fighter, Season 16, Episode 3: The unexpected 0.06
MenSo Should MLS fans rise up and oppose Queens stadium? 0.06
MMA The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 2: Bad news, surprising fight 0.06
Medals 2012 boxing: Welcome, women! 0.06
WoSo AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: July 10 — Playoffs??!! 0.05
MMA The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 1: You’ve got five minutes 0.05
MLS team Philadelphia Union 0.05
WoSo WPS mythology 0.05
WoSo Sauerbrunn’s sendoff, Sullivan’s smashing debut and a JoLi party 0.05
MenSo State of MLS: Preseason call with commissioner Don Garber 0.05
WoSo WPS shutdown: Four days of reaction 0.05
MMA The Ultimate Fighter Live update: Awkward! 0.05
MMA The Ultimate Fighter 16, Episode 6: Again, the dubious 10-8 round 0.05
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 7 — To the track! 0.05
MMA MMA: Where have all the hardcores gone? 0.05
Monday Monday Myriad: Here comes the soccer deluge 0.05
WoSo WPS vs. the semipros 0.05
WoSo WPS and magicJack: Points off the table 0.05
General A few changes at SportsMyriad 0.05
WoSo Women’s soccer in Europe and other scattered venues 0.05
MMA The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 5: Tickle me emo 0.05
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 5 — Leyva, you’ve got me on my knees 0.04
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 6 — Row, row, row your boat … 0.04
MenSo NASL splits season — ready to re-open some old arguments? 0.04
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 12 — Ride, kick and punch 0.04
General Tuesday’s links: Pot in MMA, skeleton comeback, soccer launch, Armstrong albatross 0.04
Oly Paralympics underway with beautiful ceremony 0.04
MenSo Landon Donovan: Life and how to live it 0.04
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: What age for travel? Tryouts? 0.04
WoSo Freedom’s misfortunes touch Gold Pride, too 0.04
MenSo What makes a soccer game change? Besides Messi 0.04
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’: Season 12, Episode 1: Fight! (x14) 0.04
MLS team Chicago Fire 0.04
MMA The Ultimate Fighter 16, Episode 11: Blame Canada! 0.04
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: Great moments in halftime speeches 0.04
WoSo Women’s soccer leagues: How much video should fans expect? 0.04
Oly Olympic legacy: White elephants, tourist attractions or training centers? 0.04
MMA The Ultimate Fighter 16, Episode 9: Friends and fighting 0.04
Doping Today’s bit of doping media irresponsibility (Reuters) 0.04
Oly Traveling in China: A classic tale from the archives 0.04
General The biggest non-Olympic Olympic sports event is upon us … 0.04
WoSo AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings and playoff picture: July 16 0.04
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 15 — The penultimate 0.04
MenSo Why the San Diego Sockers-Dallas Sidekicks game will matter in 2013 0.04
General Sports and religion … oil and vinegar? (Or “oil and Linegar*”?) 0.04
MenSo MLS academy vs. school: So far, school still winning 0.04
General Gender equity debate won’t end, but can it change? 0.04
General Funniest athlete on Twitter: A baseball player? 0.04
MenSo The ups and downs of promotion and relegation 0.04
Oly Olympic Daily Glance: Day 0 — The revolution will not be televised 0.04
WoSo Progress in women’s soccer? 0.04
WoSo Women’s soccer league reaching critical mass? 0.04
MMA The Ultimate Fighter 16, Episode 8: Lots of bark, a little bite 0.04
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 16 — Out with a bang (modern pentathlon) 0.04
MMA ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ tryouts and the soul of MMA fighters 0.04
WoSo Tinkering with the 2012 WPS calendar 0.04
MenSo Where are they now: Bradenton, Spring 2003 0.04
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 4 — Good morning, Iceland! 0.04
WoSo Video: D.C. United Women vs. Virginia Beach Piranhas interviews 0.03
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 1 — Finally! 0.03
General TV viewing for the next two weeks 0.03
Doping Lance Armstrong: What has been accomplished? 0.03
WoSo Sermanni makes good impression in first U.S. call 0.03
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 14 — The end is near 0.03
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 8 — Farewell to Phelps 0.03
MenSo Indoor soccer: Not given enough credit? 0.03
WoSo AmWoSo (W-League, WPSL) Power Rankings: July 3 0.03
MLS team FC Dallas 0.03
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: Go your own way 0.03
MLS team New York Red Bulls 0.03
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 13 — Might be a soccer game 0.03
General Duke, Lance Thomas and the NCAA’s “strict liability” 0.03
Oly Handball’s time has come 0.03
MLS team New England Revolution 0.03
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 3 — Flipping out 0.03
General Facts that journalists should consider in racism accusations 0.03
Oly Diamond League: Track and field, back already 0.03
Monday Monday Myriad: Paralympic wrap, injured gymnasts and Diamonds 0.03
Oly London 2012: Adjust the medal count already? 0.03
Oly Bobsled: The case for Lolo Jones 0.03
MenSo MLS: Making Little Soccer players? Not yet 0.03
MLS team Portland Timbers 0.03
Doping Lance Armstrong’s legacy falling like Berlin Wall 0.03
Oly 2012 equestrian: Horse is a horse, of course 0.03
Monday Myriad links: The Onion on water polo, dreary Americans, new Olympic sports 0.03
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: Pelada and the love of the game 0.03
Oly Will the Olympics get bigger if they’re only every four years? 0.03
General My fractured relationship with Ian Bell 0.03
Oly Olympic Daily Glance, Day 2 — Back to the pool 0.03
Medals 2012 medal projections: Archery sweep is South Korea’s aim 0.03
Oly U.S. Olympic qualifiers at a glance 0.03
MenSo Settling all MLS dilemmas in one easy fix (maybe) 0.03
MenSo The Chivas USA delusion 0.03
Doping Schleck’s doping case joins “all news is bad news” file 0.03
MenSo MLS Week 6: How long can Red Bulls’ surge last before crash? 0.03
MenSo Beat the rush: Debate the MLS playoff format now 0.03
Monday Monday Myriad: Death threats and pregnancy 0.02
MenSo Soccer shocker in Richmond 0.02
General The war on nonrevenue sports, ctd 0.02
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: Early and late bloomers 0.02
Oly Top 5 Overlooked Moments of the Olympics 0.02
WoSo D.C. United Women impress in W-League conference final 0.02
MMA MMA, pro wrestling and proper arenas 0.02
WoSo Dan Borislow statement on WPS suit 0.02
General Questioning the place of sports in college: Character 0.02
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: Flunk the 2-3-1? 0.02
Soccer Great time for promotion/relegation fans to step up 0.02
YoSo Single-Digit Soccer: The parity problem 0.02
MMA The Ultimate Fighter Live, Episode 4: Judging Jury 0.02
Oly Top athletes? Tough to beat Paralympians for all seasons 0.02
MLS team Columbus Crew 0.02
Doping Cycling vs. Floyd Landis: Can Swiss court really tell him what to say? 0.02
Soccer Book review: ‘A Beautiful Game’ 0.02
MLS team Los Angeles Galaxy 0.02
Doping LaShawn Merritt, male enhancement and unanswered questions 0.02
MLS team Toronto FC 0.02
MenSo Building the Beckham brand, cont. 0.02
WoSo The W-League and WPSL playoff picture, weekend update 0.02
Soccer Soccer Hall of Fame: Decisions, decisions 0.02
Oly Diamond League Lausanne: Blake and Bolt Show rolls on 0.02
MLS team Vancouver Whitecaps 0.02
General Is a major in sports really any worse than my music major? 0.02

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2 thoughts on “Myriad most popular: 2012”

  1. Can’t believe your Title IX and non-revenue sports series rated so low. As a parent of a college club sports athlete, I thought it was fascinating stuff. I shared those posts with a bunch of people.

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