Olympics back to Utah? Yes, please

Sure, I’m biased. I have souvenirs from the 2002 Olympics all over my house. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to go back to Utah a few years later.

But the fact remains: Few cities around the world are ideally suited to host the Winter Olympics. Most host cities are vaguely close to some mountains. In Salt Lake, it’s all right there. And it’s all in great shape — Utah Olympic Park (sliding track, ski jumps) and the speedskating oval are still in steady use.

Cross-country skiing and biathlon is the one exception, requiring a trip out to Soldier Hollow so the skiers aren’t up in the mountains without any air. Curling and one hockey venue were farther away in 2002 — a closer arena this time would make the Games even less of a logistical problem. (Hockey in Rio Tinto Stadium? Probably not, but it’d be nice to throw Sandy something.)

The downside of Utah in the IOC’s eyes is that U.S. investigators laid bare the culture of bribery in the bidding process. (Switzerland may also have paid the price for harboring a whistleblower.) At some point, the dignitaries who expected whining/dining/bribing as part of the bidding process will be out of the picture. Time wounds all heels.

Here’s the story: Salt Lake City wants to host Winter Olympics again.

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Beau Dure

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One thought on “Olympics back to Utah? Yes, please”

  1. I want Dubai for the Winter Olympics! Yes, Dubai!

    Don’t they have that indoor ski slope and that indoor ice rink in the world’s biggest shopping malls? Don’t those sheiks have all the money in the world?

    They could build a completely artificial Winter Olympics Site, put it under a giant dome, with mountains and everything for all the downhill sky competitions and even the cross country skiing. Completely weather controlled. No worry about the weather not cooperating…

    After Dubai, lets have a Winter Olympics on Mercury. Yes, the planet Mercury. Why not? Didn’t the Messenger probe confirm the evidence of Billions if not TRILLIONS of tons of ice on craters on Mercury? Think the travel arrangements! Hot new tourist destination. in this case REAL HOT!

    Go ahead and laugh, but isn’t the 2022 FIFA World Cup going to be somehow staged in Qatar? And us fool Americans thought we were a lock for the 2022 World Cup. Silly us!

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