Looking ahead to Sochi … do we have to?

Oh, I’m sorry — this is the THIRD IOC visit. Fun!

My goal is to get SportsMyriad credentialed for future Olympics, starting in Sochi. And I’ve been going back and forth over whether I’d like to go myself. I’ve been to three straight Winter Games, and they’re so much fun — smaller and easier to digest than the sprawling Summer Games. I also would be able to take a long, long-delayed trip to that part of the world — a high school trip to the Soviet Union fell through.

But having been to three straight Winter Games, perhaps I could stand to miss one. And this story didn’t make me feel better about them:

Sochi Olympics have an ugly side – The Washington Post.

SI.com has a similar piece, though there’s a bit more of Russia’s side of the story.

We’ll also have to see whether Sochi is able to provide the same fun atmosphere that Vancouver and (apparently) London provided. Beijing was fun, too, and everyone connected with the Olympics just wanted to be sure everyone else had a great time. Not sure the Russian organizers get the concept of “fun” in quite the same way. The “funclub” photos on their site include entertaining fare such as “Dmitry Chernyshenko underscores Sochi 2014’s commitment to equality in sport,” “Insurance company OSAO Ingosstrakh becomes Sochi 2014 Partner” (look, they’re shaking hands!), and “IOC Coordination Commission 4th Visit.” Surely your kids are sorry they missed the first three visits.

Don’t worry — I’ll still do a medal projection.

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