Today’s bit of doping media irresponsibility (Reuters)

It’s pretty clear from reading between the lines that some snarky Reuters reporter wants to get a U.S. swimmer (Katie Ledecky) tied to doping, even if the evidence isn’t there.

Earlier this week, an American coach, not involved with the team or US Swimming, accused China’s Ye Shiwen of doping when she won the 400m individual medley gold medal. Josh Leonard said her rapid improvement, which was less dramatic than Ledecky’s, was a sign she cheated.

I see what you did there. Very clever.

Couldn’t be the fact that in the past year, she’s gone from age 14 to age 15, could it? You’re talking about someone just growing into adulthood. I’m sure her times have dramatically improved in the past FIVE years — you don’t see many 10-year-olds at the Olympics.

If a 28-year-old goes from perennial semifinalist to world record-holder, we’ll talk.

(And yeah, I think Ye gets a bit of a pass for the same reason. Still, if you want to know who’s *more* suspicious, it’s Ye. She’s a little older and is posting ridiculous times. But again — it could just be that she’s hitting a very high peak in her late teens.)

US Olympic champion Katie Ledecky dismisses suggestions of doping | Sport |

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