Top 5 Overlooked Moments of the Olympics

I don’t know that they’re really overlooked, but working for Bleacher Report has taught me a bit about SEO.

Archery: U.S. men were the comeback kids in the quarterfinals and semis. Couldn’t quite do it in the final. Highlights would be nice, but instead, NBC has the guys chatting with Ryan Seacrest. You can also watch the whole team event from the quarterfinals onward if you have a few hours.

Boxing: Terrell Gausha. Didn’t leave it in the hands of the judges. Highlights!

Diving: Kelci Bryant and Abby Johnston winning silver in synchro springboard. They break it down.

Judo: Marti Malloy had two really nice throws on the way to winning gold. Some of the highlights are up. Not the good ones yet, but at least it shows her beating one of the contenders.

Water polo: When you have a 19-year-old who can score seven goals against a top rival, that’ll help. USA 14-13 Hungary. Couple of things you’ll see in the highlights — the underwater cam capturing all the argybargy, and the commentator criticizing the goalkeeper’s positioning. (Actually makes a very interesting tactical point.)

And a lowlight:

Fencing: How many times do you get a final second? Was is this — 1972 Cold War basketball?


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