The love shack is a little old place where Olympic athletes get together

Yes, it’s time for everyone’s favorite news-gathering activity of the Olympics — counting condoms! We now have numbers from Durex on what they’re planning for London:

Now we’re talking!  150,000 condoms for just 16,000 athletes!  That’s over nine condoms per athlete for a 16 day competition – that’s a lot of Olympic love.

via » You’ll Never Guess How Many Condoms Will Be Given Out In The Olympic Village..

But is that enough? Vancouver started with 14 per athlete (and “officials”), and they had to order more. Then again, maybe summer athletes are more focused — Beijing had plenty left over.

As far as I’ve seen, they aren’t handed out to the media. But the little supply shop at the Torino media center had several varieties of condoms — and nothing to help with cold symptoms. The managers missed Rule #1 of business: Know your customers.



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